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The Key to Circus-Mom Highway

Two feuding sisters are brought back together after the death of a mother they didn’t know existed. Jess is a “free spirit” stuck in a dead-end job and crappy relationship. The moment Jess gets the call, she drops everything to drag her sister, Jennifer, all the way out to Florida to inherit over a million dollars. Jennifer is a “happy” wife and mother to a successful doctor and two college kids. In Jess’ eyes, Jennifer’s life is flawless; however, Jess’ financial situation blinds her to her sister’s mid-life crisis.

Allyson Rice takes a week-long, crazy family debacle and turns it into a comedic adventure. The Key to Circus-Mom Highway is an enjoyable, odd-ball story about three newly-discovered siblings finding out about their long-lost parent. This story has lots of unexpected twists. Nothing is more satisfying than getting an unexpected surprise in a story. The author creates the most ridiculous scenarios. However, it is an over-the-top comedy that is so ridiculous you cannot help but laugh.

The author creates over-the-top clichés and stereotypical personalities throughout the book. However, the book is colorful, lively, and a delight to read, and the collection of clichés and stereotypes is what makes the story fun. For example, here are just a few clichés and stereotypes I picked out from the first 50 pages:

Jess is the bum sibling that needs professional help to get her life on track, and after dishing out so much money and support, her family has to cut her off. Jennifer is the typical suburban housewife who thinks her husband is cheating on her and does not know how to handle the situation now that her kids are going to college. The lawyer handling the sister’s inheritance is a typical sleazy lawyer who got their license from an infomercial (though the author portrays him in a more light-hearted way). Finally, the lawyer’s secretary is the 1900s, a gum-smacking, gossip gal who is always on the phone and never appears to do any work. You can even imagine hearing her talk with a New York accent.

I would highly recommend this book to people who love comedy and ridiculous antics. I enjoyed this light-heart adventure and think readers will fall in love with the sibling as they go on this unforgettable journey together.

Pages: 254 | ASIN : B0BCDL1QLB

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