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The Palladium

The Palladium follows a dispirited and lonely writer who’s trying to find his way back into life. He is lured to a bizarre hotel by the promise of a cash prize from a pirate radio station. With a bit of help from a curious bell hop, he stumbles into Wonderland just like Alice. From that moment on his life takes a series of supernatural turns, from slight to outlandish, that sets him on a wild and immensely entertaining journey. When a supernatural portal materializes in his living room and a woman jumps out and punches him in the chin, I knew I was hooked.

“Imagine it as a twisted game based on an ancient contract between a divine being and the realms of hell. And every person on this … planet, alive or dead, is not only a potential player but also the bet.”The Palladium

Author Thorsten Brandl has created a story with an innate sense of mystery and intrigue. This urban fantasy novel exudes magic, action, and adventure throughout. Readers follow two main protagonists who separately are thrust into surreal situations before eventually coming together to embark on an epic journey.

I was enthralled with Michael’s story from the beginning. There was a palpable air of intrigue that was so fascinating. While I was a bit confused by the POV switch between chapters, I was excited to see that Cleo and Michael’s storylines collide. The story immerses the reader in the action and starts building the world’s lore right from the beginning. There are so many questions built into the storyline which, even when answered, lead to further questions. This left me always wanting to know.

Creative imagery and powerful metaphors are two elements that really stand out in this book. This is a unique urban fantasy novel with some intriguing mystical elements that is hard to put down. The writing is inventive and gives the whole story a magical atmosphere. There are many elements and locations throughout that are enhanced by the authors use of vivid imagery. Every character in the story has their own unique flair or feel. What’s interesting, and a nod to the authors writing talent, is that the characters are rarely simply described. Their uniqueness comes about naturally and through the story, which gives them surprising depth that I always relished.

The Palladium is wonderfully written and wildly imaginative. Thorsten Brandl’s novel reminds me of Jordanna Max Brodsky extraordinary reimagining of Greek mythology in her book ‘The Immortals’, but with the inherent fun of Dan Hanks ‘Swashbucklers’ novel. I heartily recommend this slick adventure novel for its creative use of mythology, history, exceptional character building, and relentlessly entertaining plot.

Pages: 327 | ASIN : B0BD6Y4ZB8

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