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Then Came July 

Then Came July, by Cornelia Allen, explores many different concepts such as politics, alcoholism, ageism, and more. I love how each slightly controversial topic is examined from both sides, for and against.

We first start the story with Police Captain Rick Mora. Rick is forty-five, hardheaded, intimidating, and almost scary in a sense. Rick is investigating a shooting that resulted in the death of a little girl. There are small glimpses of his kind heart, but only small glimpses early in the story. He tries to maintain a rugged exterior. Then, we meet July. Dr. July Sullivan is thirty-one years old. She works at a clinic that used to perform abortions in the past, but now they do not. She is a dermatologist that volunteers at the clinic. Still, there are protestors outside the clinic that try to prevent anyone from entering, harassing them every chance they get, mirroring real life. Rick and July’s paths cross when the clinic she works at is bombed, and Rick must protect July from the bomber.

The author does a great job of getting you hooked on the story right from the start. We follow Rick as he tries to protect July, but he also finds her annoying and charming, and I found their relationship to be intriguing. Allen’s writing immerses the reader into the story, and it seems you are watching a movie waiting for something terrible to happen. Rick’s character is one that you love to hate because he has a hard exterior, and his stubbornness is frustrating, but throughout the story, we see his character develop. July is intelligent but also hostile, and I don’t blame her because of what she has experienced in her past. I think many readers will find her character to be relatable.

I enjoyed getting bits of Rick’s and July’s thoughts as this made for an entertaining read, and I could get to know them better. The point of view changes from July to Rick allowing us to get a better sense of the way they think and their motives. The chapter with the bombing is where Allen’s writing shines. Her description of the scene and the immediate tension that arises from everyone being scared and trying to leave the building kept me glued to the pages.

Then Came July is a charming, witty, and action-packed romantic suspense novel that will have you wanting more. I highly recommend this book to those who are looking for a thrilling read with a dash of romance. I look forward to more books from this author.

Pages: 281 | ASIN : B0B4BDFF9T

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