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In an attempt to flee from a world that has turned her life upside down, Charlotte and her darling horse are only met with more complications—running into a serial killer. Having no choice but to stay with him after becoming a wanted woman herself (for a crime she did not commit), Charlotte and her newfound companion are thrust into situations previously unimaginable. A man with a dark and haunting past, and a woman who fears a dark and haunting future, these two souls collide in a thrilling romance.

Haunt by Christina Maraziotis is a book that makes itself very clear right away: it is not for an audience who cannot handle certain topics and themes. At the front of the book, before getting to the story itself, there is a list of trigger warnings, so readers will know what they are getting into with this novel ahead of time.

The characters and settings in Haunt are truly ones to be remembered as they all feel full, fleshed out, and alive. Even characters who aren’t important are given full personalities and recognizable traits. The story itself is nothing less than a page-turner, and readers will most definitely feel themselves eagerly turning the page to see what will happen next—good or bad.

The writing in this novel is eye-catching. The style is complex at times, fightings with itself to have beautiful words and prose and then having sentences that feel out of place, much like the characters feel at times. The formatting can also be distracting; there are often POV changes that can be disorienting for the reader. While some may find these a deterrent, they are actually brilliant literary elements that add to the haunting and intricate storyline.

Haunt is truly a thrilling western story with characters readers will yearn for, feel for, and never forget. Readers will feel their own hearts break as they look into the minds of characters that they normally wouldn’t and have to choose whether their actions are justified.

Pages: 920 | ASIN : B0BKY7ZH23

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Broken Chains

Life was boring, monotonous, and ultimately lonely for Elizabeth Finley. So when she finds her life can become more dynamic and fun after one massively failed stakeout outside the headquarters of the largest secret service in the UK, the MI5, Liz is confident a career change was much needed. Now she wouldn’t have to worry about keeping publishers or writing a sensational book. Life was beginning to have a flavor for Liz. Or so she thought. As she begins her unforeseeable job as a secret agent, betrayal, bondage, and chaos are about to become the new order in Liz’s life. Will she be able to handle the unexpected turn in events, or will the mountain of trouble she’s about to face be too great for her to overcome?

Broken Chains by Karina Kantas tells the story of an aspiring writer, Elizabeth Finley, who’s had it hard with life. Losing her mother at a very tender age and having her father disappear right after meant Liz was left with no other choice but to fend for herself. However, instead of getting better, her life transforms from bad to worse when she begins working undercover for the MI5. However, the rigorous mind-blowing training she would be subjected to at the MI5 will be nothing compared to the hell she will face after she receives a coded email that only she could decipher.

Karina Kantas has done a great job creating a unique storyline filled with twists and suspense. The extreme depiction of the reality of the underworld was incredibly mind-blowing, and the story had me on edge from the turn of the first page. However, I found the book a little rushed. The loopholes in the story made some of the characters’ emotions too intense and sometimes confusing. But the Eccentricity of this book kept me on my toes.

Broken chains by Karina Kantas is a thrilling crime romance filled with suspense and action. With crime rings, kidnapping and abuse, readers will never be at a loss for action. The novel has graphic and mature scenes, so it is intended for a mature audience.

Pages: 250 | ISBN: 1912996502

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Don’t Let Me Go

Don’t Let Me Go is a high school love story building up to marriage, but for Jenny and Adam, the true test starts after marriage. Jenny pushes Adam away for a reason unknown. Before she answers any questions, she gets kidnapped, and the chase starts. With Adam striving to find his love, a love who doesn’t want to be his wife anymore, this story will make you believe in real companionship.

Don’t Let Me Go by Jodi Artzberger is a romantic thriller that will keep you on your toes from the first page. The story starts with suspense and subtly weaves in romance while the plot maintains the thrill. The characters are relatable and interesting. Some parts will make you question the goodness of the characters. There is a clear distinction between good and evil, which supports the conventional story writing aspect but might lack the depth of characterization for some readers.

The author has taken her strong Christian values and infused her novel with a gospel-centered storyline. Faith plays a strong part in character development, as well as plot development. Readers that prefer a more Christian view on romance will find Jodie Artzberger has created relationships that center around God and model the values of the Christian faith.

As the story progresses, you can see faith building up. It aptly symbolizes how marital troubles are resolved in times of crisis. It also conveys that protecting our loved ones is done better by companionship. The book explores the themes of love, forgiveness, and faith. Many subplots run parallel to the main plot without interrupting its flow which adds depth to the narration.

Don’t Let Me Go is a suspenseful Christian mystery with a romantic story intertwined. The author is successful in building up tension and skillfully easing it out in the end. This was a great mystery, as well as a lesson on learning to forgive and trust the people you care about.

Pages: 251 | ASIN : B0B52F8T6T

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The 5-Time Rejected Gamma & the Lycan King

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The 5-Time Rejected Gamma and the Lycan King, written by Stina’s Pen, will have you sucked in in no time. Gamma Lucianne Freesia Paw has been rejected 5 times but ends up being bonded once more. This time to the lycan king. Lucianne wants to end the bond as quickly as possible to avoid any heartbreak, but King Xandar does not. He is hurt and confused about why she wants to end things immediately. He manages to convince her to give him a chance. Xandar does everything in his power to show her that he loves her and is afraid of losing her. Lucianne and Xandar get to know each other as the days go on during the collaboration. Lucianne being the top Gamma of her species, helps teach the wolves and lycans how to fight in both of their forms. She quickly wins the hearts of many lycans, but not all. Some are downright murderously jealous.

This novel was long but absolutely phenomenal! I loved that the story took place over the course of 4 weeks and didn’t jump timelines so much. The only time it moved forward in time was at the end, but that helped the book come to a fantastic conclusion. The plot of the story was fantastic, but that plot twist got me! I did not see that coming at all.

Pen has created excellent characters that are fully developed and interesting. At times Xandar did seem a little too possessive, but I reminded myself that he is a fictional character and the lycan king. Of course, he was going to be so possessive of Lucianne because he loved her so much and wanted to protect her and felt like a failure anytime she got hurt. Lucianne was a spectacular character. I loved that the author shows that size doesn’t matter. It is all about your actions and words that can show people who you really are. Christian was a great supporting character, and his back story with his wife, Annie, was so sweet. Greg’s character ended up surprising me in the end. He changed a lot. I would say he had the most personal growth, but I do have some suspicions about him.

I hope this will not be the last I have read about Lucianne and Xandar. The 5-Time Rejected Gamma and the Lycan King quickly became one of my favorite novels. I loved that it was so long and had so much information and details. It made me feel so many emotions. I caught myself feeling angry at the characters, as well as happy and sad. I even laughed out loud quite a few times! I hope to read more by Stina’s Pen.

Pages: 743 | ASIN : B0B9R2JY8W

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Cause For Elimination

Cause For Elimination by Marla A. White tells the story of Emily Conners, a horse lover. Emily’s boss, Pamela Yates, has been viciously murdered, and Emily is determined to prove it. Justin Butler is a detective that happens to be handsome and wealthy. He wants to solve the Pamela Yates case, but things aren’t easy, and his interest in Emily isn’t helping.

The characters in the story are wonderfully written and have the reader questioning their motives and wondering just what they might do next. Emily’s character has depth and an engaging storyline that has you wondering about the things people get up to when you are not looking. The secondary characters are superb. Lottie, Emily’s best friend, easily makes the story more light and fun. Dennis, Justin’s colleague, and friend is the perfect voice of reason and usually brings Justin to his senses. The characters provide enough entertainment to keep you turning the pages.

The story’s setting is set in such a way that it’s a stunning backdrop for mystery and adventure. Emily’s love for horses brings a lovely element to the story. Horse lovers will cheer and gasp at the interesting way horses are woven into the story. Those new to all things horses might find themselves curious about these magnificent animals. The story also has another case, besides Pamela Yates’s murder, that brings friction and mayhem, which is interesting and keeps the reader glued to the story. Marla A. White has created a story that explores the lengths people will go to hide things. She’s written a tale many readers will enjoy and remember after closing the book.

Cause for Elimination by Marla A. White is a wonderful and entertaining read and perfect for those who love a riveting murder mystery with a dash of romance.

Pages: 323 | ASIN : B0B6SZ8Q7C

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Then Came July 

Then Came July, by Cornelia Allen, explores many different concepts such as politics, alcoholism, ageism, and more. I love how each slightly controversial topic is examined from both sides, for and against.

We first start the story with Police Captain Rick Mora. Rick is forty-five, hardheaded, intimidating, and almost scary in a sense. Rick is investigating a shooting that resulted in the death of a little girl. There are small glimpses of his kind heart, but only small glimpses early in the story. He tries to maintain a rugged exterior. Then, we meet July. Dr. July Sullivan is thirty-one years old. She works at a clinic that used to perform abortions in the past, but now they do not. She is a dermatologist that volunteers at the clinic. Still, there are protestors outside the clinic that try to prevent anyone from entering, harassing them every chance they get, mirroring real life. Rick and July’s paths cross when the clinic she works at is bombed, and Rick must protect July from the bomber.

The author does a great job of getting you hooked on the story right from the start. We follow Rick as he tries to protect July, but he also finds her annoying and charming, and I found their relationship to be intriguing. Allen’s writing immerses the reader into the story, and it seems you are watching a movie waiting for something terrible to happen. Rick’s character is one that you love to hate because he has a hard exterior, and his stubbornness is frustrating, but throughout the story, we see his character develop. July is intelligent but also hostile, and I don’t blame her because of what she has experienced in her past. I think many readers will find her character to be relatable.

I enjoyed getting bits of Rick’s and July’s thoughts as this made for an entertaining read, and I could get to know them better. The point of view changes from July to Rick allowing us to get a better sense of the way they think and their motives. The chapter with the bombing is where Allen’s writing shines. Her description of the scene and the immediate tension that arises from everyone being scared and trying to leave the building kept me glued to the pages.

Then Came July is a charming, witty, and action-packed romantic suspense novel that will have you wanting more. I highly recommend this book to those who are looking for a thrilling read with a dash of romance. I look forward to more books from this author.

Pages: 281 | ASIN : B0B4BDFF9T

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Longing for You

Arianne Whiteley is a wealthy New Yorker, she has all that life can offer, but the dangerous men of this world are what she wants most. We see this unfold as she visits the state of Montana to visit a friend after they were kidnapped by their evil brother. While there, Arianne meets Lucas Grayson, a member of the notorious Pit Vipers. Lucas starts a tumultuous affair in hopes of using Arianne to his advantage, to the dismay of her bodyguard, Mark. But as their desire grows, so does trouble. Even with all the challenges they face, they won’t let anyone or anything come between them.

Longing for You by author Alessa Kelly has everything a good romance novel should have, suspense, lust, and angst. She hits all the elements without going into too much detail. The steamy scenes between Lucas and Arianne have enough description to get a feel for the moment without being over the top. Readers will find this is more than just a romance novel, there is a strong storyline that the romance is built into, rather than a romance novel with a flat backstory.

Kelly’s writing is entertaining, and there is never a dull moment with the characters she has created. The character development is well done and each of the protagonists is multi-layered and dynamic. There is action and suspense throughout the novel. I wanted to race to the end of the book to see what happens to our characters, but I also didn’t want it to end. I enjoyed Arianne’s character as she is a strong female that knows what she wants.

This fast-paced novel has an action-filled plot that will keep readers engaged from the beginning. The action and the story blend well together, giving the novel a cohesive feel while keeping readers on their toes as characters race from one dramatic moment to the next.

Longing for You is a well-written and exciting contemporary novel. Readers that are attracted to the genre of western literature with action and romance mixed in will find this book a great book to sit back and relax with.

Pages: 315 | ASIN : B09VD6PYR6

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Twist My Heart

Twist My Heart by author Brooke Taylor is the first book of the wicked games series. It narrates the story of a feisty fugitive trying her best to convince a retired Navy SEAL to help her and her dog.

Thea, or as Nik calls her, Tigger, suffers from amnesia, and the only thing she knows is that she’s on the run and must keep her dog Titan by her side. At first, the retired Navy SEAL is reluctant to help her, but he gives in. So they are on the run, trying to find out more about Thea’s past life and who’s looking for her. All the while, the sexual attraction between the two keeps on growing every minute they spend together.

Taylor’s descriptive writing style draws readers into the story and gives them the feeling they are on the run with Nik and Thea. Additionally, by incorporating both first and third-person points of view for the characters, readers will get a full view of the thoughts and actions that are occurring in this action-filled drama.

The book’s pacing is superb. There is never a dull moment between the on-the-run action and the building romance of Nik and Thea. In addition, the mystery of Thea’s identity as it unfolds is intertwined into the action and romance seamlessly. Altogether, this makes the novel engaging and fast-paced.

Character building is a strong element of Taylor’s writing. Thea is portrayed as a strong woman. However, I felt there were some scenes showing her as a damsel in distress that needed saving by strong warrior Nick. The instances where Thea did fight for herself were refreshing and exciting and more in line with the character that is built up by Taylor.

An interesting aspect of the story is Thea’s approach to amnesia, everything’s new to her, and she’s watching the world as if through a child’s eyes, giving the reader a unique point of view on everyday details that we usually don’t think about as we do them daily.

Twist My Heart is filled with heart-racing action scenes and steamy romance that will catch the attention of action and adventure readers and romance lovers. Watching the mystery of Thea’s identity and why she is on the run unfold will keep readers hooked from beginning to end.

Pages: 396 | ASIN : B08VJGQSKQ

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