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To Soar Beyond the Stars: The Mystical Journey of One Wing

To Soar Beyond the Stars the Mystical Journey of One Wing is a unique tale about the spiritual journey of self-discovery of the seagull One Wing after a terrible accident. The story is told as though written by a human who has become disillusioned with life. The story is imaginative and original with likable and relatable characters in an unexpected way.

The story is quite an original idea and has some very detailed worldbuilding that makes it a story all its own. The idea of seagulls having their own society, education system, and even an enemy force that they defend against is unusual but intriguing. The average person likely does not view seagulls as sophisticated enough for this type of society, but the author manages to make it charming and convincing. The author also does a good job cluing readers into what will be important later in the story. For example, the way the author capitalizes Spirit gives the reader the idea that this concept will be important and somewhat anthropomorphized. This idea also applies to concepts like hope throughout the book. The superstitions and beliefs of the seagulls are explained in quite an entertaining way which explains why seagulls still get caught in the engines of planes despite having intelligences.

While I enjoyed To Soar Beyond the Stars needs I felt that the exposition felt rushed in the beginning as opposed to a complex story set-up that gives the audience insight into the complexities of One Wing’s personality and ideals. This is still a motivational story with language and literary devices that will appeal to middle grade readers and up.

To Soar Beyond the Stars takes readers on an inspiring and thought-provoking journey. This enchanting story has a unique premise that delivers a spellbinding adventure that anyone can enjoy.

Pages: 224 | ISBN: 1441536035

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