Etched In Fire

Etched in Fire5 StarsFourteen-year old Maelen Saltbearer is finally on her first business trip with her parents who are merchants from the shore. She is old enough to learn more about the family business and has the opportunity to learn hands on while discovering the world outside of her hometown. However, their arrival in the diverse city of Kaelennar takes a turn for the worse and they find themselves in a perilous situation with no escape. With an invasion of magical creatures against the humans and other races that lived in harmony in this bustling city, Maelen learns first thing about survival as well as herself. Nothing in her life could have prepared her for the battles ahead.

From the first paragraph that is rich with vivid detail, readers are drawn into Maelen’s mind as well as her world. No description is left out, which makes it more exciting and more interesting to read. The story is from her point of view and readers feel her impatience of not knowing enough of what is happening in the world that is slowly dying around her. It’s easy to feel as if the reader is right next to Maelen through it all and enduring the joys and hardships she encounters. Each chapter has little teasers as the reader tries to understand more about Maelen and what her destiny or purpose is. She is just an average girl who is smart and driven, but there is something about her that makes her a bit more special. In the story, there are sexual situations and violence, but considering the predicament Maelen and her family are in with a hostile invasion, it is relevant to the plot and suitable for young adults. The story also deals with a variety of themes such as war, dystopian society, racism, and fighting back against corruption without picking up a weapon. Even those characters that come across as physically weak draw on their own strength and talent in order to survive. This fantasy is complete with amazing creatures and races as well as magic and dark powers. It has its share of tyrants and tragedies. Emotional and gripping, it is well written and makes it difficult to put down at the end of the chapter. As Maelen’s life comes to a place where her path must take a turn, the reader easily tries to imagine and predict her next consequence for her actions. She even learns that she cannot anticipate the direction her life will take her no matter how hard she fights it or tries to make a change for the better.

Etched in Fire by Beth Hudson is intense and complex from start to finish. It makes the emotions and fears tangible to the reader and changes them. The journey with Maelen is long and full of moral challenges, but it is a worthy read that will take the reader away to a darker world of its survivors of all ages.

Pages: 544 | ISBN: 9781310614965

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