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Erift’s Journeys: The Dark Messengers

After more than a year since their journey to the Sealed Forest, Joseph, and Eric, who were about to head off to college, were suddenly brought to another adventure. The best friends were called by Professor Ben, and during their travel from home to the Murean Islands, they were met with supernatural challenges. Unfortunately, things got even more chaotic when they arrived on the island. New enemies started emerging, bringing more conflict to the three, and a foe from the past took this time to announce their return. In this sequel to Secrets of The Sealed Forest, the boys are once again pushed to their limits and, with their friends’ help, must do everything they can to go home to live the peaceful lives they strived for.

Erift’s Journeys: The Dark Messengers by J.T. Tenera is a new compelling narrative that brings back Joseph and Eric, two memorable characters, and pulls them back into the world of fantasy and magic. We see how much the two have grown in terms of their relationship and powers, which they execute particularly in the book’s first half. As for the main character’s personal journey, the author should be applauded for making them human despite all that is happening around them. It is essential to keep in mind that Joseph and Eric are still trying to figure themselves out, have internal conflicts of their own, and are also on a path toward self-actualization. Knowing these about them had me rooting for their success even more, so they can go home and fulfill their individual dreams.   

True to their characters, the funny, quick, and unnecessary banters stayed even during the fight scenes, reminding us once again that this book is humorous as it is riveting, keeping readers invested in going through the pages. The other side characters were a welcome addition to the mix, both friends and foes, giving a fresh take to the setting of the previous book.

The second book from Erift’s Journeys is a gripping coming-of-age fantasy novel that teens and young adults will love. I would recommend this for high school students, for I believe the main characters’ language and their penchant for fun despite hard times would resonate with them.

Pages: 435 | ASIN : B0BR4JZT9R

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Winifred the Wonder Witch

Winifred the Wonder Witch faces two incredible challenges in this whimsical double feature! In the first story, The Witch who Lost her Magic, Winifred, the beloved Wonder Witch, struggles to regain her lost magic from the clutches of grumpy Gerald, the Giant. Enlisting the help of an unlikely ally, Winifred sets out on the quest to get her magic back, and absolutely nothing will stand in her way. In the second tale, Saving the Dragons, the young Princesses Madeline and Isabella do all they can to protect their endangered pet dragons. However, when a dreadful scheme by the evil black witches threatens their beloved pets, the princesses, with the help of Winifred and her friends, must use their wits to safeguard the dragons from harm.

Winifred the Wonder Witch by Margaret Harcourt West is a wonderfully whimsical tale of magic and adventure. Each concise narrative takes up about half the book, and gentle storytelling whisks the reader into a far-off world where anything is possible. There is a good focus on problem-solving, as witty Winifred thinks outside the box to protect her world from danger. Enemies can become friends, and allies can be found in the strangest of places in this lovely adventure. Charmingly illustrated by Hilbert Bermejo, these tales of friendship and fantasy are nothing short of enchanting, firmly securing a spot in my heart as Winifred soars high up in the skies.

Perfectly suited for ages 6 and up and all who love a gentle tale of magic, Winifred the Wonder Witch is an adventure that simply can’t be missed. With beautiful storytelling, an enchanting setting, and loveable characters, Winifred’s journey of overcoming problems as she fights to save the day is an excellent choice for bedtime or anytime. Together with Winifred, prepare to soar high as the Wonder Witch explores her wonderful world.

Pages: 42 | ASIN : B08XJNT6QM

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Asim’s Extraordinary Journeys

Saon Jestin is a revered teacher in the small village of Tress. With an air of intrigue, he opens a book and gathers his students to narrate a riveting story of good versus evil, where noble warriors strive for justice in a time when malevolent rulers reigned. In Asim’s Extraordinary Journeys: Book 1, All For The Children, the adventure kicks off when an evil king orders his soldiers to abduct the male children of Tress. A small group of brave men decides to undertake a perilous rescue mission, but their success depends on finding the legendary warrior, Asim. Known for his unwavering altruism, Asim agrees to join the cause, and together, they embark on a treacherous journey through the forest, encountering fairies and ferocious monsters. The journey is dangerous, but they remain committed to saving innocent children.

Author Tommy Lee Davis has expertly woven a tale of adventure and action with a good dose of humor that will captivate readers of all ages. The setting is idyllic, and the characters, forest, rivers, and all the places they travel are vividly described. The warriors include men and women, each with unique skills. What stands out is that they don’t rely solely on fighting; they also use strategy and ingenuity, such as when they gather information and plan to infiltrate the castle for the rescue mission. The interactions between the characters are amusing, such as their encounter with the white witch. Furthermore, Davis employs a narrative style with language that is easy to follow. While the book features many characters, the author has included a helpful glossary with the pronunciation of the names to help readers keep track.

Asim’s Extraordinary Journeys: Book 1 All For The Children is a thrilling fantasy adventure. Davis has crafted a compelling tale with well-drawn characters, an engaging plot, and a captivating setting that readers will find enthralling.

Pages: 320 | ISBN : 1958751146

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Thaddeus and the Master

Louis Sauvain’s Thaddeus and the Master is an enthralling continuation of the College of Sorcerers Trilogy, promising an exciting adventure for readers. The novel follows Thaddeus and his two brothers, Rolland and Anders, as they face new challenges and obstacles at the College of Sorcerers. The looming threat of expulsion adds a sense of urgency to their training, forcing them to trust each other and rely on their bond as brothers to survive.

Sauvain has crafted a rich and vivid world filled with magical spells and fantastical creatures that will captivate readers. The story is expertly woven together, with each character adding depth and complexity to the overall narrative without overshadowing the central storyline. Thaddeus is a compelling protagonist, and readers will be invested in his journey from beginning to end. The supporting cast is equally intriguing, adding layers of depth and nuance to the story. Despite Master Silvestrus being less prominent than anticipated, Sauvain provides enough detail to keep readers engaged. Unfortunately, the Prophecy is only partially revealed, leaving readers anticipating the next book in the series.

Thaddeus and the Master is an engaging and immersive novel, drawing readers into the world of the College of Sorcerers and keeping them hooked until the very end. With each twist and turn in the plot, readers will be on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating what comes next. Sauvain has created a captivating and entertaining fantasy series that readers will enjoy.

Pages: 444 | ASIN : B0BMGGN3MN

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The Essence of Az

Ruben J. Burciaga’s The Essence of Az takes readers on a magical journey through the mythical land of Az. The story follows Ruben, a young boy who is swept away into this fantastical world and meets a magical being with no name. In order to discover his destiny, Ruben embarks on a quest to the city of Ezmeralda and seeks the help of the Great Wizard of Az, who turns out to be more than meets the eye. With the help of new friends, Ruben is able to overcome obstacles and fulfill his dreams.

This book is a refreshing take on mythology as it draws from Aztec mythology rather than the more familiar Greek mythology. The author also inserts themselves into the story, acting as the reader’s personal tour guide through this enchanting world. While the plot may be similar to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, it is essential to note that this is not necessarily negative. The Essence of Az presents a unique take on the classic plot and offers new characters and challenges for readers to enjoy. Although the book may be geared towards a younger audience, the language used throughout is complex and engaging, making it an excellent read for young adults as well. The author’s use of unique vocabulary and euphemisms may require some extra effort to understand, but it adds to the richness of the story.

The Essence of Az is a captivating and imaginative read that will transport middle-grade and young-adult readers to a world of magic and adventure. This book is a true gem in the genre of young adult and children’s literature that will give new audiences a chance to experience the wonder of magic self-discovery while learning some important life lessons as well.

Pages: 150 | ISBN : 1436341833

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The Vision Prelude

The Vision Prelude (Law of Sacrilege Book 1), by Joshua Landeros, is a fantasy story about Pinus Ave Longavian. He is a Jengsehi knight leading an expedition to open up trade with the people of Sebel. In the process, he’s taken back to his past.

I enjoyed how Joshua Landeros brought his world to life. It was easy to see what he was describing. He created a caste system and magic rules that felt real and natural. Neither one overwhelmed the story. In reading this, I got a remarkably good sense of the Jengsehi. I was able to see the island they lived on. The culture was rich. Religion wasn’t discussed much, but enough was there to get a good sense of it. While this was a religion that Landeros made for his world, I could see the real-world influence on it. And I liked how he didn’t just make it so that there wasn’t any conflict.

While there was a lot about the Jengsehi, there wasn’t much given about the Sebels. In a way, this is a good thing because they have been closed off from other cultures. They don’t trade with anyone. Pinus could change their minds but not necessarily in the way he intended. It got far more personal for him than he then he thought it would. I would’ve liked to have seen more from the Sebels to truly explain why they were closed off and why Pinus’s reaction to his father’s death was such a turning point for the Sebels.

The Vision Prelude (Law of Sacrilege Book 1), by Joshua Landeros, is a riveting and well-imagined world with characters that feel real. I enjoyed the book so much that I wanted it to be longer to fully bring the two cultures together. I look forward to seeing where the author takes this in future works.

Pages: 167 | ASIN : B0BN8RZKN3

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The Witch Whisperer

The Witch Whisperer by Barb DeLong is a fun and exciting adventure-filled story following a young witch, Willow Gladstone, on her journey to harness control of her powers. Willow Gladstone’s magic has not been very kind to her. From random broken dishes to causing physical harm, she’s more than convinced that her magic is broken. To avoid being banished and sent to the Haven, Willow seeks the help of Never Ravenwood, the sexy yet frustrating Witch Whisperer who isn’t too fond of her either. To find a cure for Willow’s magic, the two characters must traverse realms, which take them through one adventure after another while they figure out if they genuinely hate each other or develop a mutual connection.

Both Willow and her companion are desperate for a solution, and despite their differences, they must find a way to put aside their dislike to achieve their personal goals. Between a desperate girl who needs to fix her magic and a brooding, bitter man who wants nothing more to do with her than advance his own goals. I enjoyed how both characters were written, their development, and how well the author portrayed their points of view. Seeing their relationships unravel and the lively, intense dialogue was thrilling.

The Witch Whisperer by Barb DeLong is a truly enjoyable read with many twists and turns. I enjoyed the awkward, entertaining dialogue and personable traits that most readers can relate to. It’s a well-written book that’s witty and fun.

ASIN B0BKYGTGR6 | Pages: 316

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Magic, Mystery & the Multiverse

Ana has always wondered why she has to wear lenses to conceal her eye color. She has violet eyes like Elizabeth Taylor’s, which is an idiosyncrasy in Hollywood. She soon starts to find answers to her strange eye color after she and her brother steal his uncle’s car and drive to the multiverse. Once in the multiverse, they crash land in the elevated earth and kill Emerald Censor. They soon encounter various interesting characters, such as the cook, Egor, and a wizard called Snapdragon, who can heal anyone. Ana wants to meet the wizard to help Zackary, who is immunocompromised, but she runs into problems as Crimson Censor searches for the murderer of the Emerald Censor. The Marvelous Multiverse App is the first book in the series Magic, Mystery, and the Multiverse by Aurora Winter, which sets the foundation for the coming books.

The first chapter, “Imprisoned,” sets up a mystery tone for the rest of the book. As its title suggests, this book offers a combination of magic, mystery, and adventure. It’s a fantastic book that will transport you to magical worlds, from magical cooks with Tear gifts to gold-hungry dwarfs and power-hungry censors to controlling Opus Die.

My favorite part of this book is the magic and mystery of Ana’s family. I am in complete awe of the Lokey, the elevated earth, and the Egors, with their genius minds and broken hearts. Winter does an excellent job writing clever one-liners and has a simple yet impressive writing style.

While the storyline is exciting and action-packed, the world-building is vague and does not give readers much of an idea of their cultures and histories, and I feel that could be captivating. For example, there was no specific mention of Avenir people besides censors and oxygen mining, aka stealing robots. However, because this was the first book in the series, we may learn more about them in subsequent books.

Magic, Mystery, and the Multiverse is an exciting new young adult fantasy series that will draw in readers of all ages. For those passionate about adventure and magic, Dr. Who and Harry Potter will enjoy this book and be waiting for the next novel in the series.

Pages: 224 | Available on Kindle Vella

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