Medea Kalantar Author Interview

Medea Kalantar Author Interview

Honeycake: A Family of Spices is a charming picture book about diversity and multicultural families. Why was this an important story for you to write?

With all the negativity around diversity in this day and age, I feel it’s very important to create books with positive messages that showcase a diverse multicultural loving family. My hope is that if we instill these valuable lessons to our youth at an early age, we can shift the universe into a positive direction.

I felt that this book gives parents and teachers lots to talk about with children. What were some themes you felt were important to capture in this book?

Honeycake will be understood by all ages and truly is a refreshing approach to human life with its joy, blessing and special qualities. While Honeycake has been written as a children’s book series, it has a charm which will delight people of all ages. I feel these books will be enjoyed by parents, grandparents, and children alike and I expect the timeless positive messages in the series to resonate for ages. The idea of a common human bond through the blending of culture and national origins is beautifully represented as mixtures of exotic spices in a manner that children can easily understand.

Just like the ingredients in the honey cake we can teach our children about diversity and acceptance because even though we look different and come from different places, we are all part of one race…THE HUMAN RACE. In this beautiful world we live in, WE ARE ALL ONE.

The art in this book is cute and fitting. What was the art collaboration like on this book?

The illustrations in all the Honeycake book series is the actual cartoon version of myself and my entire family. The only fictional character is Nala as I wrote these books when I found out I was going to become a grandmother. My daughter Shanaz ended up having a little boy. His name is Lukenzo. I worked very closely with the illustrator, and made sure every detail of each character and scene was exactly how I had envisioned it. I wanted to make sure that even though it was a picture book, you felt the realness of each of our family members.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Just in time for summer, I just released my second book in the delightful Honeycake series, “Help I Swallowed A Butterfly!”

In this sequel, Nala gets stage fright at school. But with the help of her mom, Nala learns how to get rid of those pesky butterflies in her tummy.

This charming book empowers young readers to practice mindfulness and meditation so that they are able to meet life’s challenges head-on in a healthy and balanced way. “Help I Swallowed A Butterfly” is clearly written and incredibly relatable, with step-by-step instructions and guided meditation exercises for young readers.

This book is also a valuable resource for caregivers who want to provide a positive introduction for children to the world of self-care and managing those butterflies.

Life can be stressful at any age, but with the right tools and mindset, we can overcome any obstacle!

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Honeycake: A Family Of Spices by [Kalantar, Medea]

Honeycake introduces readers to a diverse, multi-cultural family that is full of love.

The grandmother explains why she calls her grandchildren “Honeycakes” while she teaches her granddaughter how to bake a honey cake.

Through imagination, the grandmother details how each delicious ingredient represents a different family member and his or her unique ethnic background.

This charming book also includes a recipe and step-by-step instructions on how to bake your own delicious batch of honey cake with your Honeycakes!

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