Aberration: Arana’s Premonition

Aberration: Arana's Premonition by [Ayodeji Ayinde]

There is a virus, and that virus is unpredictable. Having already caused devastation for one group, it is on its way to wreaking havoc on a much more catastrophic scale. The small team of Tensey Damian and Evelyn and Gordon Starling, fearing for their own futures, set out to make things right in the best way they know how. Armed with little more than determination and a healthy fear of the unknown, the trio perseveres while combating one obstacle after another in their quest. Is willpower enough to make them victors or will the answers they need continue to elude them?

Right out of the gate, Aberration: Arana’s Premonition by A.A. Ayinde, is an edge-of-your-seat ride unlike any other book in its genre. The visuals presented by Ayinde are intense and gripping as readers are immediately introduced to the perils of Hell’s Teeth. Watching the mountain-sliding race, which can only better described as a suicide mission, readers become invested in the story line, the characters, and leave wanting more of the backstory. By jumping in headfirst with an action scene, Ayinde succeeds in hooking readers from the first chapter.

Exchanges between characters are both entertaining and engaging. There are no two characters in Ayinde’s work whose conversations don’t hold the reader’s attention as conflicts escalate. The author has a way with words, and that is most definitely conveyed in the conversations throughout the book. From humorous quips to the most terrifying of circumstances, the characters’ exchanges heighten readability and provide an even more relatable element to an otherwise fantastic story. My only issue is the inclusion of two different characters’ dialogue within single lengthy paragraphs. For some readers, that can make for a slightly confusing read.

Whether planned or not, the virus as a featured plot point will appeal to many readers. It’s timely, relevant, just frightening enough to be interesting without off-putting. Ayinde has handed readers a way to read about a situation not so dissimilar to our current state of affairs. Seeing it under the light of a fantasy helps readers refocus their attention and regroup.

As I read, I found myself coming back to Ayinde’s choice of setting. The style of writing, the dialogue, and the tone of the writing give this book an Old World feel at times. At other points in the reading, those same elements provide readers with the feeling that the entire story could easily take place in the present. There is a distinctly futuristic feel at times, as well. I found this to be a very unique characteristic in the writing, and it distinguishes this author from any other. Anyone seeking a quick fantasy read by a promising author will enjoy Aberration: Arana’s Premonition.

Pages: 271 | ASIN: B089KNDY5F

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  1. The imagination behind this is amazing.


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