Wolf Slayer

The year is 2483. The economy is the worst it has ever been and the country is run by a Hitler-like President, Ernie Wolf. Retired Staff Sergeant Mathieu ‘Matt’ Adams is a retired sniper at the age of only 34. Matt jumps at the chance to take an undercover position in Akron, Ohio, of all places, as he is like most Americans at this time, just scraping by and will take any work he can get. His mission is to infiltrate a supposed rebel group called the Workers Social Club. President Wolf has made himself president for life and rids the government of Congress. He only allows one political party to exist, the Veteran’s Party, so all other groups must be squashed in whatever way necessary.

But after Matt is found out to be an undercover agent by the members of the Workers Social Club (an homage to rebellious groups of people during any tumultuous era in history), they offer him another position to consider, slaying the Wolf himself to try and save not only the country but a space ship currently under construction orbiting the moon that will take a group of humans to another planet to hopefully save the human race, something Wolf wants to destroy.

I absolutely loved this dytopian political thriller. Science fiction is my genre of choice because it is able to portray stark ideas in wild settings. Wolf Slayer is able to capture the magic of science fiction with though-provoking themes and authentic characters in a far off time. Even though this book is set almost 500 years in the future, there are a lot of similarities to today’s world and country. If you enjoy Jason Bourne and Shooter mixed in with a bit of science fiction, then you will love this book too.

Matt Adams is a character you can relate to and find yourself rooting for. What I loved most was the slow evolution of his character throughout the story as what he ‘knows’ is turned on its head. While President Ernie Wolf is your classic villain who is easy to dislike and even hate. There is never any confusion as to who you want to win and lose.

Wylie has definitely made a political statement with his book as there are so many similarities between this story and our current political situation. But he has managed to do it in a ‘Christmas Carol’-like warning. We must learn the hidden lessons from his story or be doomed to live in the world Matt Adams must save. Wolf Slayer is a sci-fi thriller for a modern audience.

Pages: 332 | ASIN: B07XPBFHRV

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