You Don’t Have to be Perfect

Jennifer Nolan
Jennifer Nolan Author Interview

Our Forever Crazy Love is a riveting romance novel that gives readers a peek into Vivienne’s personal and career life as she explores her relationship with her long-standing crush. What were some ideas that guided this novel’s development?

I set out to write a contemporary romance with a strong female lead, someone with a busy career and complicated personal life. The main idea in the novel’s development was to show women, especially younger women, you don’t have to be perfect or have everything figured out. Sometimes, the best things happen when we let go and release some of the control we try to hold over situations in our life.

Vivienne is an interesting character that I enjoyed watching develop. What were some themes you wanted to capture in her character?

I wanted Vivenne to be someone many modern day women could relate to. Smart, fiercely independent and a person who likes to maintain control over situations in her life. Striking a balance in our modern world between career, family, friends and romance is not always easy. The feeling of wanting or needing to be in control of our lifes and the situations in it is a struggle I think many women will understand.

The relationship between Vivienne and Danny was emotional and deep. What were some sources that inspired their relationship?

Honestly, I’m not certain there was a source. Their relationship just unfolded on it’s own. I did want to introduce a bit of complication with Danny having been married before and having a child. The second chance at love trope mixed with a friends to lovers narrative added an interesting element to the story. In the end, I think the varying elements will keep readers engaged with a good pace that mirrors real life rather well, full of emotional twists. While Our Forever Crazy Love is a contemporary romance with some open door sex scenes it’s also got some interesting women’s fiction elements. Opportunities for the reader to be emotionally drawn into the story are plentiful as they laugh out loud in one chapter and silently cry along with the characters in another.

When and where will Our Forever Crazy Love be published?

It will be available Sept. 3rd, 2020 Jacketed Hardcover books are available online wherever books are sold and you can find the digital book through amazon. Paperbacks will be out in mid-late October. The book is also being released on kindle unlimited.

Available at: | | |

Wait till you meet Vivenne, she’s smart, funny, and determined to hook her long standing crush Danny. Tired of waiting for love she decides it’s time to take action. She’s got a plan to choreograph the romantic relationship she’s always wanted and Danny, an unsuspecting divorced father and close family friend, doesn’t see it coming. Of course, nothing goes according to Vivianne’s plan. That is until fate steps in, and launches the two into a whirlwind romance that is anything but picture perfect.
Jennifer Nolan masterfully pens this contemporary romance in a style all her own, successfully creating compelling characters with real, everyday problems resulting in an unforgettable love story.
Set among the beautiful backdrop of Savannah, Georgia, Nolan takes her audience on a roller coaster ride, from laughing out loud in one chapter to silently crying in another.
Contemporary romance readers who enjoy passion and intimacy without erotica will fall head over heels with Our Forever Crazy Love.
It’s a contemporary romance that serves up a delightful blend of chicklit and women’s fiction, with a strong female lead who many modern day women will find themselves relating to.
So, if you are ready for a love story that will keep you turning pages, go ahead and grab your copy of Jennifer Nolan’s Our Forever Crazy Love, then settle in for an emotionally charged romantic adventure.
And, fair warning about this romance novel: the F-bomb does drop once or twice.

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