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Blair Wylie Author Interview

The Perils of Isolation is a collection of short stories that are connected by your love of fishing. Did you write these stories for this collection or did you write them over time and decided later to publish them?

The Perils of Isolation is my first book. I wrote it while I was in the process of retiring after a 35 year career in upstream oil and gas. I took some advice from a friend, and wrote about things I knew something about. The three stories include some real life experiences, with a stretch or two!

The stories are connected by your love of fishing. Where is your favorite place to fish?

It’s a toss up between two places described in the book. Mik Muk Mac is set at the headwater of the French River, or Lake Nipissing in Ontario, Canada. It is still a remarkably wild and scenic place, but fishing has waned over the years as rod pressure has increased. The Tesla Terrorist is set in Labrador, Canada. My favorite rivers in Labrador for Atlantic salmon are the Eagle and the White Bear, both of which flow into Sandwich Bay. The only fishing allowed there is fly fishing, with a single, barbless hook. So, a large fish usually wins the battle, and escapes untouched… but that’s okay!

I really like The Tesla Terrorist story. Do you have a story that stands out to you from this collection?

The Tesla Terrorist is both an adventure story, and my first venture into science fiction, my favorite genre. It also is a bit of a political statement. Weldon Purdy, the mad scientist villain and the Tesla fanatic, destroys the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric installation. Muskrat Falls will be late and vastly overspent when it finally produces power. It will put Newfoundland and Labrador in dire financial trouble, and it will not meet the full power needs of the province as originally pitched.

Do you have plans to publish more short stories?

I just wrote a short story for inclusion in the first Science Fiction Novelists Anthology. It is called Lunar Salvation. I really enjoy the short stories of the true masters of the field, like Ray Bradbury. I have just started another sci-fi adventure novel called Robo Lord, which may evolve into a another series.
And Pegasus will be publishing Martian Hermitage soon, which will complete the Master Defiance series.

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The Perils of Isolation contains three separate stories about how people survive the unusual situations in which they find themselves. Connecting the three stories is the author’s obvious love of fishing, always in remote, hard to get to areas.
‘Mic Muk Mac’ is set in the wilds of Ontario, Canada, when a group of school friends go on an annual fishing holiday.
‘The Naïve Neftyanik’ is a story of Canadian oilman, Blake McTavish, whose contract is to set up his company’s operations in western Siberia. It’s a very different working environment but he goes fishing with some of his new-found, Russian friends.
Finally, find out what happens to a group of fishing friends on their trip to a remote area of Labrador, Canada, in ‘The Tesla Terrorist’ and how they survive the biggest electrical storm ever known.

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