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B.C.R. Fegan Author Interview
B.C.R. Fegan Author Interview

Don’t Drink the Pink is a rhyming children’s story about a girl that’s given special potions but told to avoid on mysterious one. How did the idea for these magical potions come about?

I think it really came from asking the question – ‘What would a super exciting birthday present look like for a young child?’ Initially, I considered some crazy but exciting contraptions that her grandfather would give to her, but in the end, I think the idea of physically possessing something magical through a simple drink is a little more enchanting to read. In addition, it allows for some interesting contrasts between the reactions of Grandpa Gilderberry and Madeline’s parents. This dynamic I think heightens that sense of relationship between Grandfather and Granddaughter.

The scene where Madeline breathes fire is my favorite scene because it’s so cute. Do you have a favorite scene from the book either creatively or artistically?

There are so many great scenes. Lenny Wen did an incredible job throughout the book and I really looked forward to seeing her interpretation of the effect each potion had on Madeline. I think if I absolutely had to pick a favorite scene though, it would be when Madeline flies. Not only would this be a great gift to have, but Lenny has really captured the sense of thrill and wonder. When I first saw the illustration, I immediately thought of Peter Pan flying over London with Wendy and her brothers. Madeline looks like she is having the time of her life, but isn’t yet accustomed to the art of flying.

The novel does a great job of showing how we all grow older. Much like The Giving Tree, I found it to be beautiful but melancholic. Why was this a topic you wanted to cover in the book?

One of the important themes I wanted to cover was just how different aging can be for children and older family members. For a child, growing up can be exciting – a journey towards infinite possibilities and independence. I think when you’re young, adults and particularly older adults can look a little like they’ve ended their journey – they’ve made it – they’re immersed in the life that a child is growing into! Yet, as I’m sure every adult will tell you, the journey never really ends. Life continues to change and move to its inevitable and somewhat uncomfortable conclusion. I hope the book gently explores these different stages of life’s journey, but most importantly I wanted it to highlight the magic that exists – particularly through the people we love – no matter where we are in life.

What is the next children’s book that you’re working on and when will it be available?

I have a few children’s books that I’m currently working on – one of which is an exploration of imagination and hope in mundane and difficult circumstances. It’s a little different to some of my other books, but I really wanted to take young readers into a slightly more gritty and confronting world, while infusing it with magic and wonder. I’m excited to release it, but it’s probably a little way off yet. In the meantime, I’m hoping to release a series of basic concepts books for toddlers. These books will cover a broad range of learning skills that I plan to illustrate and design. My hope for these books, is that they offer parents a clean, well designed and minimalist approach to the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and other important concepts.

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Follow the special relationship between Madeline and her Grandfather as they both grow and share in the most magical birthday experiences. Filled with secrets to uncover and brimming with imagination, Don’t Drink the Pink explores a number of basic concepts including colors, numbers and the reality of growing older.

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