Homecoming (Projects Book 2)

Homecoming (Projects Book 2) by [Jude Austin]

A sequel to the gripping action-thriller Project Tau, Jude Austin’s Homecoming traces the journeys of Tau and Kata, right after they’ve managed to escape from GenTech. Struggling to fit into the world, they realize that their lives aren’t free from imminent dangers. Not just GenTech, but other enemies are lurking in the dark to capture and utilize them to fulfill their own selfish needs. Kata desperately wishes to return to Trandellia and to forget the trauma they had just experienced. The tussle between remembrance and an earnest attempt to find a way to liberation infuses a tragic tone into the work. At a crucial moment in the story, Kata has to decide who he should trust. Will he be able to save himself and Tau from the clutches of slavery, torture, maltreatment, and death? 

The ending is unexpected and unpredictable, and that’s what makes the novel quite an interesting read. In a world full of super heroes, Austin offers a breath of fresh air to readers. The language is simple, and it goes well with the rawness of the plot. A little refinement would have been better, without a doubt, but the author manages to hold on to the reader’s attention with a strong grip. The plot focuses on the perspectives of different people, putting together a rounded view. The book is highly engaging, but the recurring plot twists sometimes become difficult to follow. Nonetheless, the storyline has seen a great deal of improvement from the previous book, with this one being more thoughtfully executed. Due to the treatment of issues such as slavery, physical torture, and the use of crude language, this one is not suitable for young readers. The story not only narrates an intergalactic adventure but also addresses dire issues that have been plaguing humanity since time immemorial. Trauma induced by slavery, and a lack of empathy towards others take the center stage as the two try to leave behind their painful past to start afresh. The selfishness of the ones who plan to use Tau and Kata as powerful weapons reflect the world that we live in, where the powerful oppresses the marginalized and dehumanizes them to serve their personal vendetta.

Homecoming (Projects Book 2) is for readers that are fond of science-fiction, thrillers, and space adventures. This is a highly enjoyable read, but to understand the nuances of the novel better, I would highly recommend you to read Project Tau before you dive into this one. 

Pages: 398 | ASIN: B085VFRSD6

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