The Keepers of the Light

Young Garrett leads an average life in Petersburg, Illinois, until a series of events and revelations upend his life. It turns out he’s “The Light,” the chosen descendant of a certain Turek spoken of in an ancient prophecy. He’s destined to battle Apep, a wizard from another planet, and stop him from assembling the God Stones. Garrett soon discovers more shocking truths about his entire life, those around him, and an ancient secret society called the Keepers of the Light. Some of the group members have lived for hundreds of years, and their primary purpose has been to protect and prepare him to fulfill the prophecy. But Garrett doesn’t know that there’s more to his mission than meets the eye. He enlists the help of his friends and acquaintances as he embarks on this perilous adventure from which he may never return.

The Keepers of the Light is the second book in Otto Schafer’s thrilling God Stones series. It’s a fantastic tale of magic and mythical beasts. Schafer provides readers with a fast-paced, action-packed plot that’s both gripping and replete with jarring twists in all the right places. He tells his story with a striking choice of words, vivid analogies, and deft prose. The blend of all these factors makes for an entertaining read.

I love how the author uses conflict and tension to keep readers engrossed. He sure knows how to garnish a book with both nail-biting moments that will have readers holding their breath. It’s also worth noting that although The Keepers of the Light is the second book in the series, one still gets a decent idea of the backstory.

Schafer’s characters are authentic and relatable. For example, the Lenny character is the friend you need to have on your team when you’re on an impossible mission. He’s a trusted sidekick whose spirits can never be dampened. He’s funny and cheeky, in a way that can get you exasperated sometimes. But his cheekiness also provides much needed comic relief even in the direst of situations. It’s just enough to make you sigh; shake your head, and smile all at once.

Overall, The Keepers of the Light is an emotionally powerful story brimming with gestures and conversations that will tug at your heart’s strings. Yes, the duels and magical elements are intriguing. But it’s really the tales of friendship, love, sacrifice, bravery, and even betrayal that give the book its edge, in my opinion. If you’re looking for an excellent book to get lost in, this is undoubtedly a good option, especially if you’re a fan of archeology, fantasies, and prophecies.

Pages: 480 | ASIN: B08MDHL8TD

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