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Eleanor Tremayne Author Interview
Eleanor Tremayne Author Interview

High Tea with Ophelia is a contemporary fiction novel that explores romance and relationships through an interaction with literary characters. What inspired you to write a novel on this subject?

What inspired me to write High Tea with Ophelia is my dedication, and love of literature. As a retired high school, and college English teacher I know how important literature is to expanding our points of view on all issues in life. If I can continue to spark interest with my readers to explore all literature, I feel that I have contributed to making our world a better place to live.

I enjoyed the blending of novels within this story, especially your own works. Will readers see more of this integration in your future books?

Including my novel, Destiny Revisited, was at first a risky consideration. I was implying that my work is worthy of study, as much as the other novels, and play that I chose. Some may regard this as being arrogant., However, I hope that I was able to establish that contemporary writers are also a work in progress. What I mean by this, is that many indie writers someday may share the same bookshelves with great literature and even be taught in the classroom. I hope that my novels will be among those selected.

I felt like this novel did a good job of exploring a variety of social issues. Was this intentional or incidental to telling the story you wanted to tell?

High Tea with Ophelia was a delightful novel to write. I recently moved to St. Augustine, Florida in 2019 , the oldest city in the United States. Being able to research this amazing town, and using many actual sites in the novel, I hope will encourage people to enjoy this city while reading the novel. Although sequels are not my favorite writing project, I did write Destiny Revealed when many of my readers wanted to learn more about Gabriella Girard. My next novel, Journey of the Agape, wii include more references to St. Augustine, and definitely literary characters, but with a different slant. I hope to have that novel completed by next summer.

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How often have you ever wanted to meet one of your favorite literary characters in person? Dr. Sabriel Shelley, a Literature Professor who relocates, from New Orleans to St. Augustine, Florida when her husband dies unexpectedly not only meets one of her favorite characters, she meets five.Ophelia, who steps out of the Hamlet play, explains to Sabriel one afternoon at tea , that this reunion of literary characters is similar to the Jelekyl Ball in the musical, Cats, by Andrew Lloyd Webber. What happens next is a series of exciting experiences that enlightens Sabriel and the community she lives in.High Tea with Ophelia, is a blend of fantasy and literary appreciation. Eleanor Tremayne, award winning author of four novels, goes beyond the restrictions of clinical analysis, allowing her reader to meet these well known characters in a new light.Mrs. Tremayne also takes advantage of the ancient St. Augustine setting, inviting her readers to explore all this city has to offer, from the famous Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, to The Fountain of Youth, to Otttis Castle. It is an adventure like no other, and one that you will want to share with others.

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