Trust Vs. Lust

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Ian D. Niall’s autobiography titled Trust vs Lust tells quite a sad tale indeed. Without revealing the identity of the author or his family members, it takes you through a lifetime of unfortunate events. Interestingly, throughout the traumas of his life, the author still considers himself a lucky person and maintains a positive upbeat outlook.

If you’re looking for a book that will give you insight into the consequences of sexual abuse and the trauma war inflicts on the psyche, and consequently the quality of life of an individual, then this is the right book for you. This emotional biography goes into great details about the author’s sexual abuse experiences and how they have affected his adult life, especially his romantic relationships.

Don’t be fooled though; this story is not all pain and suffering; there are some happy moments as well, giving it sort of a silver lining. For instance, the author talks of the strong bond he shares with his siblings and even discusses the joy his mother felt upon leaving an abusive relationship.

Amid all the darkness that has engulfed his life, it is clear that the author’s family has been a rock upon which he could always rely; particularly his mother. Ultimately, this story is raw and real, making it quite relatable to anyone with similar experiences.

It is also worth noting that the author’s writing style is quite unique. He includes portions where he digresses from the narrative, going on unaccepted tangents that give you greater insight into what he was thinking about when writing the scene. The only downside to this is that these tangents sometimes include information that is yet to be revealed, leaving you at a loss.

However, it must be said that the author has gone to great lengths to strip himself bare so to speak. He has been thoroughly honest and open about very heavy life experiences that most would be unwilling to talk about. The fact that he has even gone ahead and taken responsibility for his most painful mistakes is something that any reader would appreciate.

Author Ian D. Niall has employed a writing style that is both intimate and easy to read, effectively reaching the hearts and minds of all those who read this book. Trust vs Lust is a candid and impassioned biography that will leave readers reflecting on life and the choices we make.

Pages: 335


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