Insights to the spiritual world and interactions with the physical

Insights to the spiritual world and interactions with the physical is an intriguing book. It gets the reader to think about the spiritual world, the real world, and draw comparisons. The author writes in detail, capturing all the important information that the reader may want to learn about. Reading this book was a pleasant experience. Austin Maleik Collings gets one to think beyond the world we live in. Each page has something unique. The reader not only learns about one’s physical self, but also one’s spirituality and how to connect the two. The book goes over a topic more than once just so the audience understands the subject matter being discussed.

Some of the topics discussed appeared complex at first but after reading through a few pages, the reader gets to understand why the author selected the topics. I appreciate the author for writing this book as at the end of the reading, one gets to learn about different topics that can help one understand life. Reading about righteousness and evil was one of my favorite moments. How does one decide to be good or bad? Is free will a great thing for humans? While reading parts of the book that talked about evil, I reflected on my experiences and encounters with people who did good and some that were disappointing. Austin Maleik Collings will help you know more about yourself.

There are some pages which focus on being human and relating to God. These pages were also favorites. As an adult, it is one’s responsibility to live according to God’s wishes and taking part in constructive activities. Insights to the spiritual world and interactions with the physical is the kind of book believers and every human being should read because it enables one to understand complex subjects like the spiritual world, the power God has and our existence. One thing that stands out in Austin Maleik Collings’s writing is his narration and breaking down of points. The author does not rush especially when he introduces a new topic. While reading, you get to realize that the author writes hoping to engage with readers of all kinds. The diction in the book is excellent and the words used are easy to comprehend.

Austin Maleik Collings does not use technical terms which can be confusing for the reader. The paragraphs are far from complicated and the author’s inclusion of tales is a fun concept. Insights to the spiritual world and interactions with the physical is the kind of book that you read on a quiet afternoon when you are relaxing. Getting to learn about the earth, the spiritual side and the physical side was a delight. The ending of the book leaves readers in suspense, which was a great concept as it gets every avid reader to think of possible scenarios that would follow while digesting the content of the book.


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