In This Spiritual World

Austin M. Collings Author Interview

Insights to the spiritual world and interactions with the physical is a thought-provoking book with intriguing insights. Why was this an important book for you to write?

This was an important book for me to write as the research for this type of book in a genre of something different than all others took me my whole life to achieve. With people reading this book however fast they can read it, it will give them all the knowledge I know in this unique spiritual/physical field of greater understanding that quickly. It’s just amazing to know that one’s dedicated hard work throughout their whole life can be spread immensely to the world as they all read it and gain an understanding of the books content so very uniquely faster then that one’s whole life of research to gain that one mysterious articulation.

What were some driving ideals behind your book’s development?

The driving ideas behind my books development was mainly the fact that I would like to present to the world a new spiritual to physical way of better articulation for even skeptical viewers to see the truth in what I phrase. A physi-tual entertainments of arts warehouse is what I will provide for all entertainment warehouses to produce and sell physi-tual category entertainments (physi-tual: physical meshed with the spiritual or supernatural that I have trademarked) anywhere they choose. This book is the first to present this new genre thus it will create a new entertainment era for the world to magically enjoy. Kind of like an evolved Disney fairy tale to a considerably descript tale of the existence beyond our world of very miraculous creations, but for adults that dont know much into this spiritual world, rendering them spiritually blind and unable to even discover the world past their senses. This too was a great driving reason for me as I like to give the world great enjoyment beyond just a physical enjoyment of limited thought in it…

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The themes that were important for me to explore in this book was the theme of good and evil, the theme of the unseen spiritual world but seen metaphoric spiritual one, the theme of life and death, the theme of life as we know it, also mainly the great mysterious theme of lucid dreaming that we all struggle with to master in all ways, and the theme of the great luminous ancient world back then of even greater knowledge that we essentially use whatever was left to apply on our earth today from back then.

When and where will your book be available for purchase?

My book will be available for purchase in April 2021.

Author Links: Twitter | Website

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