From Grunt Work to Light Work: A Homeowner’s Guide to Attracting Buyers

From Grunt Work to Light Work: A Guide to Attracting Buyers, is the latest book written by Tamika M Murray, a writer and Social Worker based in New Jersey. This book is structured into two distinct parts. With a wealth of great information that is broken up into sections of focused content, I really appreciated the Table of Contents in this enlightening book because I was able to quickly reference and go to the sections I found most helpful. Each chapter also ends with discussion questions, which are thoughtful prompts that the reader can either answer themselves or discuss with others.

Part One of From Grunt Work to Light Work: A Guide to Attracting Buyers focuses on the Grunt Work – which is the hands on, physical work that is required to get a house prepared for sale. There are five chapters in this part: Get Organized, If it’s Broke, Please Fix it, Sprucing Up your Home, Lien on Me and You Need a Helping Hand. All these chapters are easy to read and informative. These chapters provide practical sound advice that I found to be immensely helpful. As mentioned, each chapter also has a helpful discussion session at the conclusion of the chapter. These are relevant and thought-provoking questions which all house vendors should consider.

A large part of this book is dedicated to using the laws of attraction to sell a house, and this is where Tamika M. Murray’s book stands out from other books on this topic. I was particularly interested in the Manifestation technique, which includes strategies such as using the 5 x 55 Method , Scripting,  Affirmations, Visualizations,  and so much more. These strategies are explained in considerable depth in the book, which I greatly appreciated because it made the content much more interesting and easy to understand. After an explanation of each strategy, there are several ‘workbook’ type pages, where the reader can put the strategy into action. Using these strategies, Murray explains how the reader can manifest an ideal buyer. Author Tamika Murray has been using the law of attraction since 2014, and her passionate and knowledgeable on the subject is evident throughout the book.

From Grunt Work to Light Work: A Guide to Attracting Buyers is an enlightening and informative book that is geared toward providing average homeowners with the tools they need to attract buyers. This illuminating guide combines experience and passion to create a book that will benefit any homeowner.

Pages: 125 | ASIN: B08Y4L9XKG


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