Goin’ Through the Motions

Goin’ Through the Motions: Last Renderin’s of a Questor and Rounder is a captivating book to read. As a reader, you are taken through the lives of different people and get to view the world through different lenses. Moon McNelly’s book makes one reflect on the life that they are living. When you read this book, you realize that the world is much bigger and has different elements that make us the beings we are. As a reader, I tried to put myself in the shoes of the narrator in order to fully understand and imagine their life. Every part of this book carries life lessons that readers will appreciate. We are taken through different years and one can see how diverse different eras were.

Goin’ Through the Motions: Last Renderin’s of a Questor and Rounder tells the story of John Henry Shields and his family. Getting to learn about his kin, ambitions, achievements, challenges and general personality was a great reading experience. The story is told in an interior monologue form. John Henry Shields tells his life story, touching on every aspect of his life. We read about his family, work-life, social life, and so on. I enjoyed reading the monologues because of how intimate and personal they felt. The monologues were intriguing, fun to read, and enthralling. Through the narrator’s words, the reader can tell the personality of the narrator and the kind of person they are. I enjoyed analyzing John Henry Shields as much as I enjoyed reading his thoughts.

This book is interesting to read also because of how the author arranged it. The book has a prelude, which is a dialogue between Martin and his wife in 2012. Martin is the son of Henry. I loved the prelude and got to appreciate Martin as one of the characters. As one reads the prologue and gets deeper into the book, more characters are introduced. The style that Moony McNelly took with the narration, the vocabulary, historical references, and comparisons are some of the best features in the book. The tales told by the characters are fascinating as well. I enjoyed the fortuitous epilogue a lot though it marked the end of the book. The epilogue was also stirring. We read about the dreams of John Martin Shields, which were exciting and equally captivating.

Anyone that enjoys books that read like memoirs and autobiographies will love Goin’ Through the Motions. There are numerous lessons to be learned from Peggy, John Henry, Martin, Myra, and other characters.

Pages: 320 | ISBN:1951985605

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