Fate Was Doomed

Ann Greyson
Ann Greyson Author Interview

Gotham Kitty follows an alien that escapes her cell and lands in Tanzania where she faces a 200 year old curse and angry villagers. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

I wanted a realistic explanation of how the alien arrived on Earth and how it connects to the Chagga people and their prophecy. When captured by the Brozians, another alien race, the Catusapian’s fate was doomed. By adding a twist of fate of the Brozian spaceship slipping into a wormhole and spitting out into the Milky Way Galaxy, the Catusapian, who will become Gotham Kitty to the people who know her on Earth, gets a chance to escape cell confinement and seek refuge on Earth, where she will play an essential role in the future of the Chagga people in East Africa.

Allison Banes is an intriguing and well-developed character. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

Allison Banes is a character that is strongly devoted to wildlife conservation, for which she has to be as a primatologist in the making. Even I made her a fan of the late Dian Fossey. But Allison’s devotion to her research not only keeps her family in Buffalo, New York at bay but ultimately leads to her downfall. When she devotes all of her time and research to the alien, you can only expect the Evil Shadowy Figure to go after her.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Perhaps the battle between good and evil is a common theme in literature, but I had to explore it in Gotham Kitty. I wanted the character of the Evil Shadowy Figure to be clearly different than the Gotham Kitty character. The alien character not only represents the fact that humans are not alone in the universe but also becomes an ally to humans’ survival in making their world a better place. But I didn’t make it easy for Gotham Kitty. With the theme of revenge, the Evil Shadowy Figure is able to go after the characters assisting the alien who will inevitably participate in a ritual to end his long reign of terror.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’m currently working on Birdwatcher, a psychological, spine-chilling ghost story set in the Poconos of Pennsylvania, set to release in April 2022.

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This heartwarming imaginative story is about a half-feline half-human extraterrestrial, Catusapien, from another galaxy, who escapes her cell aboard a Brozian insectoid cargo vessel and flees in an escape pod after the ship slips into a wormhole and spits out into the Milky Way Galaxy. The spaceship explodes in mid-air and crash lands in the forest of Arusha National Park in Tanzania right before Allison Banes’ very eyes, who is in East Africa working on a Doctor of Philosophy degree in zoology from Cornell University. She discovers the Catusapien sleeping next to the escape pod, takes the alien to her house for observation and names her Kitty. What Allison doesn’t know is that according to Chagga prophecy, the alien is necessary to partake in a ritual that will end the nearly two hundred-year-old supernatural curse of the Evil Shadowy Figure, a havoc wreaking spirit, on the Bantu tribe. Desperate to stop the ritual from happening, the Evil Shadowy Figure, wants to eliminate the alien and anyone who gets in its way including Allison Banes. While members of the Chagga try to find the alien, Cassidy Mkama, an 11-year-old African girl, stumbles upon her in the forest surrounding Lake Duluti. They soon form a lifelong bond and Cassidy names her Gotham Kitty.

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