What A True Friend Would Do

Deborah Dolan Hunt PhD RN
Deborah Dolan Hunt Author Interview

No Dinosaurs Allowed teaches young readers about friendship and acceptance in this fun picture book. What inspired the idea of using a dinosaur to tell this story?

I have always been intrigued by dinosaurs and have visited the Museum of Natural History many times. I also used to read “If the Dinosaurs Came Back” by Bernard Most to my children and have always wanted to write my own dinosaur story. One day I started to think about how much fun it would be to have a dinosaur as a best friend but he would be so big and maybe some people would not accept him because he was different. And even though Bobby wants to go to the party he will not leave Teddy the Dinosaur behind and that is what a true friend would do.

The art in this book is wonderful. What was the art collaboration like with illustrator Ashleigh Heyns?

Ashleigh was wonderful to work with. We collaborated closely and it was a fun process to see the characters come to life. She is very talented and all the characters are diverse and there are three versions of the book. This book is part of Hurn Publications’ the Princess Like Me(R) and Prince Like Me(R) Campaign. Therefore it is available in multiple ethnic backgrounds. Book Option Legend: (B) for the Black Community, (L/X) for the Latin/Hispanic Community, (E) for the European/Caucasian Community

What is the best way for children to learn to be inclusive?

I think children learn by example and the role models in their lives; parents/caregivers, teachers, friends, and siblings. I also believe that books that include subtle themes that teach and not preach can be very helpful.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I am working on several books. Hurn Publications will be releasing my picture book Booch the Pooch in 2022 in addition to several other books (Dates TBA). I also have a chapter book Detective Natty and Doggy Dale Follow the Clues being released by Clear Fork Publishing in 2022. I have two books out on submission with my agent Dawn Dowdle and am currently working on several picture books and a middle grade book.

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No Dinosaurs Allowed is a story of friendship and acceptance.
Bobby tries to take his friend Teddy the Dinosaur to a party, the library, and the zoo, unfortunately, dinosaurs are not welcome. Finally, they go to the park but there are no swings or slides and only one little boy. But Teddy saves the day by allowing the little boy and Bobby to use him as a swing and slide.
Eventually, a group of children joins them. On the way home, the zookeeper invites them to come back the next day because the zoo animals want to meet Teddy, and the librarian has moved storytime to a larger room so now Teddy can fit, and then the birthday party mommy invites them into the backyard for cake.

***No Dinosaurs Allowed is part of the Princess Like Me® and Prince Like Me® Campaign. Therefore it is available in multiple ethnic backgrounds.***
This picture book is 398 words and is perfect for boys and girls ages 4-8.

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