Storm: Book 1 by [Steven Paul-Germané]

Steven Paul-Germane’s Storm is an intriguing mix of erotica and mystery. It follows the life of Philip Stevens (Storm), a young man born into privilege. Born on a stormy day in June, he is a triplet, his two brothers are almost identical to him. It’s therefore no wonder that each triplet was hell-bent on having an individual personality separate from the rest while growing up. Unfortunately, Storm’s major personality trait is that he is a player, using both men and women as sex toys. As such, a big part of the book is filled with his sexual exploits. That aside though, there’s a serious mystery plot taking place concurrently – someone is stalking members of Storm’s family. This escalates from page to page, leading to a series of unfortunate events. Ultimately, there are many casualties and broken hearts. What’s more? The plot twist at the end is not only unpredictable but also downright disturbing. If you are a reader into books that leave you wondering what you just read, Storm is for you.

Another great thing about this book is the fact that its dialogue and prose are written in light, simple language – there are neither long-winded paragraphs nor heavy vocabulary. This makes the book easy to read. Also, the fact that the book is written in the voice of the main character from the beginning to the end gives it a uniformity that makes it a breeze to read. The disclaimer on the first page letting you know that there are a lot of erotic scenes in the story is not an understatement, readers looking for a hardcore erotica novel will have their fill with this book. If you are a reader looking for a vivid erotic novel then this is for you, as it very descriptive and this sometimes overshadows the mystery at the center of the story, making it feel like more of a subplot.

While the premise of the book is incredible, its outlandish story will entertain readers who are looking to read shockingly provocative carnal literature. Storm: Book 1 is an easy book to get into and has an interesting premise, with a little editing, this book has the potential to take fans of Fifty Shades of Grey to the next level.

Pages: 394 | ASIN: B0792JG5HQ

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