Two Faces of Janus

Two Faces of Janus: A Short Story of Ancient Rome by [Linnea Tanner]

Two Faces of Janus by Linnea Tanner is a short story set in 2 B.C. Rome. The story follows the life events of Lucius and is told from the perspective of Lucius Antonius, the grandson of Marcus Antonius. The book is aptly named Two Faces of Janus, as the story revolves around how Janus, the two-faced God of beginnings, seemingly opens one door for him to rise politically, but then Lucius is faced with the storm that breaks his family apart.

Author Linnea Tanner is able to expertly introduce an entirely new period, create a vivid backdrop to the story, setup intriguing character dynamics and introduce and conclude a dramatic plot all within six chapters without compromising the quality storytelling. This speaks to the authors fantastic writing ability and I walked away impressed with the story and the author.

The author’s note towards the end of the book that goes further into the details of the historical facts associated with the story under the regime of Augustus Caeser helps the reader further understand and appreciate the storyline. I appreciated this as, not only did it give me more information, it also showed me the amount of research that went into this short story.

Although initially, the book feels like it will be hard to understand because there are a lot of references to the Roman time period, and for a complete beginner like me, it can be quite intimidating. However, the author does a brilliant job of conveying ideas in an easy to understand manner, ensuring readers will be quickly swept up in the riveting story.

Two Faces of Janus is a spellbinding historical fiction novel with deep character development and a gripping plot that is made all the more impressive by the stories short length. I would recommend this book to readers looking for a short but exciting read that stands up to the intensity of a full length historical drama. This tiny six-chapter story packs itself with everything from love, betrayal to scandal and ends with a slight hint of optimism, which is enough to leave room for a sequel. It’s hard to not finish the entire story once you pick the book up.

Pages: 39 | ASIN: B098BH11V3

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