In Search of a Happy Ending

In Search of a Happy Ending by [Rosa Jordan]

A terminal illness comes as a surprise to Eve Austin. The indignation that has swept Eve, a newly divorced woman in her mid-30s, over her disbelief about her imminent fate has been overwhelming. After joining a writing group where members alike cloak their private lives and disguise realities, Eve finds that her search for a happy ending is replaced with something more meaningful. During the bi-monthly meeting of a seven-member group, Eve, a recluse awaiting her fate, changes abruptly into a woman who learns that not every story has to have a happy ending and that what matters most is what lies in the middle chapters of life.

The plot of this sentimental novel, the second by author Rosa Jordan, features diverse characters, from an eighty-two-year-old blunt Hector to a 21-year-old self-contained foster girl named Raynee. It is Eve who helps the reader understand not only her own mental frame but that of the other characters as well. It’s not just the character’s psychological development that the reader gets to see, but their somewhat tumultuous personal lives as well. It presents Hector and Golda as orthodox married couples, with Golda always willing to submit to Hector’s domineering nature. However, the eccentric affection between them is a very touching element of the novel.

Despite presenting the most vulnerable phases of someone’s life in a novel, the author brings in humorous elements as well. I appreciate the author’s ability to help the reader notice even the smallest change in emotions and thoughts within the characters. The novel shines due to its subtle observations, typically seen through the viewpoint of Eve. I believe there is no such thing as a favorite character in the novel because all of them have characteristics I could admire and dislike at the same time.

The writing group stories play a key part in the development of the characters. There are a variety of different stories told by the characters so readers of all interests will be able to find one that appeals to them especially those who enjoy the subtleties of human emotions.

In Search of a Happy Ending by Rosa Jordan captivates readers with dynamic characters that learn and grow from one another. Each chapter of the novel creates a strong surge of emotions in the reader. This is a story about people with dual lives and demeanors and a generous heart. By walking their paths, they learn and teach what it means to live for themselves and others. 

Pages: 335 | ASIN: B09KDDQDJR

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