Shared Sorrows

Shared Sorrows by Vincent Panettiere is an intriguing murder mystery that follows Frank DioGuardia. On the surface Frank has everything going for him. He may not be at the top of his field but as a college professor one could say he is doing well for himself. Back home he has three loving children and a wife of thirty years. Yet Frank is not a happy man. He is haunted by the loss of his father, a seemingly average Joe who passed away at the age of 61. Ever since his father’s passing Frank has had one goal in life, to outlive his father. We find him as this grim milestone rapidly approaches. Frank has become increasingly bored of his same old daily routine as his fixation with outliving his father has grown. Everything escalates at the annual Columbus parade. Frank finally snaps and gets himself involved in a scuffle. At his age this earns him a one-way ticket to the hospital. From here his life is changed forever. Frank meets Laurie, a doctor with an equally dark past. She also lost her father at an early age. We follow him as he deals with the aftermath of his actions and is dragged into the public eye by the ever-present media machine and as he uncovers scandals and corruption.

Author Vincent Panettiere’s character creation is a breath of fresh air, especially with the creation of Frank’s character. Frank can be a little curmudgeonly and blunt. He thinks nothing of telling reporters what he really thinks of them. Yet Frank also has a dry, wry wit that often put a smile on my face. He is also a loyal, loving father who always follows his own moral compass, an easy man to root for. If anything, Frank is almost a little too relatable. Anyone who has ever felt stuck in a rut is likely to empathize with him. Likewise, anyone who has been unlucky enough to lose a loved one at a tender age is also likely to recognize some of Frank’s survivors’ guilt in themselves. The fledgling partnership between Frank and Laurie stops the book from becoming too heavy. You will be  rooting for them all the way as they take their combined pain and use it to take down corruption.

Shared Sorrows by Vincent Panettiere is gripping and unforgettable. The character of Frank is emotionally charged and drives the plot forward. Readers will find the character studies of Frank and Laurie thought-provoking. Following Frank as he is forced to adapt to scenarios increasingly out of his comfort zone is thrilling and inspired. Readers who enjoy suspenseful drama will not want to put this book down.

Pages: 200 | ASIN : B09JPGW5G1

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