Mr. Cannelloni’s Circus

Ernesto Cannelloni’s family has owned a circus for generations, going on one hundred years. Now the circus is falling on hard times and Ernesto cannot see a way to save the circus. His wife Rosita discovers the circus is out of money and confronts Ernesto. Together they agree to find a way to save the circus and all the entertainers that have become their family. Rosita puts aside her fancy clothes and gets to work developing a five-step plan that will revive the circus. The plan is named Operation Hannibal and it will take the help of the entire circus family to pull this off.

Author Tuula Pere has created a fascinating world in this entertaining children’s book. Each of the characters has a distinct personality and everyone’s job is important. Tuule Pere is also the illustrator of this book, and her drawings bring the characters to life. Readers will get to know the characters through their roles as circus performers and from their part in Operation Hannibal. There is a lot of depth to the characters that you do not always find in children’s books. The character of Madame Rosita is especially dynamic.

The plan to save the circus does not go off as easily as planned, the inspector shows up ready to put them out of business and through a twist of fate ends up being part of their merry band. This imaginative book has many unexpected twists such as this throughout. Readers will be turning the pages to find out what calamity will happen next that Rosita must guide them out of.

Mr. Cannelloni’s Circus is written for older elementary and middle school readers. This captivating tale will enchant readers with the life of the circus and endear them with the compassion and the fellowship of the entertainers.

Pages: 72 | ASIN : B07J3LHR86

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