The Gift

Esther wants nothing more than to play with her friends in the park, but she can not enjoy the day. Her feelings have been hurt, and she just wants to be alone for a while. Children can be cruel. Esther knows this, but it does not make things any easier. Then, while sitting alone and thinking over her day, she hears a voice she can not place but knows it makes her feel calm and somehow loved. The voice has a lot to say and offers her a gift that will change everything for Esther. This gift will teach her more about friendship, kindness, and hope than she could ever imagine.

The Gift, by Lizzie Jayne, is a captivating children’s book. It is the sweet story of one young girl’s discovery of how to truly experience and spread joy, peace, hope, and love. The book’s main character, Esther, learns how to be “the light” with those around her who are going through a difficult time. She is reluctant to give it up but still willing to share what she has been gifted; she brightens the world of everyone she meets. The author has managed to create a charming story for children that teaches quite efficiently how to share God’s love and how they, as children, can still be a light for those around them and make a difference.

The Gift is a heartfelt picture book that children can relate to and understand the concept of sharing love, joy, peace, and hope. This exceptional children’s book is recommended to any parent who wishes to add a highly-relatable picture book to the child’s home library. Religious education teachers will find this beautifully written book a great resource when explaining God’s gifts to younger elementary-age children. Children and adults alike will find Esther’s story inspiring and heart-warming.

Pages: 50 | ASIN : B09JGQ4PJ6

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  1. Kudos, to this author for her children’s creation!


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