Two Daughters, One Hero

Two Daughters, One Hero, by Maribel Santana-Texidor, is an interview with Papi, the adopted father of Marisol and Maribel as well as a memoir of his life. Both daughters admired their father, he is their rock, the one they look up to in all things. In their words, he is the most important person in their lives. They wanted to honor him and share his story so others would know the kind of man he is and share his insights that gave them so much comfort, with others. This beautifully written memoir tells of Papi’s childhood, hard work, getting married and many life lessons and wisdom Papi shared with his family.

I enjoyed reading the interview between Papi and his daughters because this allowed me to feel more connected to Papi and his experiences. He is honest and direct in his answers often leading his daughters to ask him to explain more and give more details. This touching book is not solely an interview, it is also a memoir, where Maribel tells readers stories about Papi’s life. The stories Maribel adds are inserted in ways to give readers a better understanding of who Papi is and why he has made such an impact on their lives, and the people that know him. Maribel doesn’t sugarcoat Papi’s life experiences, she is honest and open with the reader and because of that, you admire the person Papi is.

I also admire the fact that both daughters see their dad as a hero with so much wisdom to pass down. The passing of knowledge from one generation to the next is a time-honored tradition, this book is the living history for their family that can be passed down for generations to come. Reading this memoir warmed my heart because you feel the love both girls have for their family.

One thing that greatly added to the story is all the photos that were included. It gave readers a visual making the stories more real to the readers. Reading about Mami and Papi’s relationship is one to be admired as you can tell they genuinely loved each other. They embodied the vow of “in sickness and health.” He never left her side while she battled with Alzheimer’s. I enjoyed reading about this family and watching their family grow over the years. Their life was filled with love, hardship, loss, and such a strong bond.

Two Daughters, One Hero is a passionate telling of one man’s life. His words intertwined with stories from his daughter’s perspectives create a life story worth reading, and a testament to the strength of family. This beautifully written memoir will touch the hearts of those that read it leaving them with memories and wisdom that can only come from people that have experienced a full life.

Pages: 100 | ISBN : 1736901923

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