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If Only I Could Read

If Only I Could Read by Robert Cox is an extremely insightful autobiography of a man that spent almost all his adult life without the ability to read. Life is already pretty hard for most of us, but imagine how things would be if you couldn’t read. From small things to big and important ones, reading is essential to get by in life: to remain in school, get into a competitive job, and even get groceries or reading directions. So the ability to read is necessary. Robert’s book fantastically describes how much of a difference being able to read can impact someone’s life and how this can become a huge setback.

Regardless of his problems with reading, what I enjoyed most about Robert’s description of his life were his perseverance and resilience. He never gave up, and he made the most of his life despite not being able to read. In his story, we get to see the multiple jobs and projects he worked on and the effort he put in to support his family. It wasn’t easy, but he always had a positive attitude. From his childhood, we see the difficulties he encountered that could have negatively disrupted his life; however, he got through it with determination.

The book is fast-paced and is written engagingly. Reading this story was an inspiring journey that allowed me to get a new perspective that I had never considered before. There are many people out there that can’t read for whatever reason or that possess learning disabilities. This book does an excellent job of portraying what it’s like to navigate life with this problem, letting readers worldwide understand the struggle.

Robert felt that there might be something wrong with him throughout his life, feeling unintelligent at times. Nevertheless, he experienced a lot of exciting situations from which he was able to learn. However, his reading problems constantly haunted him and even kept him away from taking advantage of some incredible opportunities that came his way. With time, he had to find a route to overcome his problem and understand it in the first place.

The author perfectly illustrates the journey that a person has to make when they simply can’t read. Through this book, people will gain a better perspective and insight on learning disabilities, maintaining a compassionate and understanding look of those out there that may have some disadvantages in life.

If Only I Could Read is an uplifting autobiography of a man that made it well into adulthood before learning how to read. His remarkable story of getting through school despite his inability to read and eventually uncovering why he could not learn in school is eye-opening. In addition, his struggle is a view into the world of people with learning disabilities and the challenges they face.

Pages: 126 | ASIN : B083HMJT32

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Carbon Under Pressure

Carbon Under Pressure is the extraordinary story of an ordinary young woman called Rose. This emotional book starts with an account of Rose’s daughter Sophie attempting suicide. Then, the book follows Rose through the next three years of her life as she tries to save her daughter. As if this is not bad enough, more troubles follow this family as they try to wake up from the nightmare they are living and get through to the light.

Author Meg Heart tells her story in a manner that if the reader didn’t know beforehand that this was based on a true story, it would read like a fictional novel. The people portrayed in this book take on the appearance of a set of characters, with a relatable protagonist, a supporting yet devious husband, and a teenage daughter going through a dark phase in her life. While the entire story seems fictional on the surface and anything but ordinary, the most significant message of the book is that it can happen to anyone. The author adeptly carries the story forward while focusing on the mental state of all the characters involved and thus manages to evoke strong emotions in the reader.

This book is intended for mature audiences and covers topics of suicide and sexual assault. However, it is done with great care. The author only mentions the details that are required to tell the story without making the book too heavy to read. The book revolves around the themes of suicide, dealing with depression, family, and sexual assault and covers the topics in fair depth and accuracy.

Carbon Under Pressure is the memoir of one woman named Rose and about the darkest point in her life. How she survived and made it through is detailed with the cautionary tale that it could happen to anyone. This biography will appeal to readers that are interested in women’s studies, depression, sexual assault, and family issues. This book does an excellent job of describing the lesser talked about realities of life.

Page: 176 | ASIN : B09KY45J7P

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Real Events of Narcissistic Abuse

Abuse can present itself in a multitude of different ways; through her book Real Events of Narcissistic Abuse, Michelle Dickey shares some of the intimate details of her life where she may have encountered narcissistic personalities. She explores her previous romantic relationships as well as those with co-workers etc. and explains where things started to go wrong in each unique situation. Finally, through finding God and developing her thinking, thanks to the uncomfortable and sometimes horrible experiences she has had, she shares with the reader how she managed to keep going.

The book’s tone is very casual, with sentences such as ‘Anyway, back to the new dude’ integrated through the text. This makes it informal and conversational, which allows the reader to feel like they are interacting with Michelle Dickey directly. This style makes the more horrific elements, such as stalking or rape, more comfortable to discuss and relatable for the reader.

These are just a few of the relevant and pertinent themes that run throughout this writing piece. Another key aspect of this book is the religious references; this has been a vital part of the autobiographical accounts of Dickey, a substantial piece of her life that has helped her grow as a person in her own way.

The author provides beneficial life experiences in her book, and it has the ability to help the reader spot potential signs of narcissistic behavior. In addition, some parts may help someone else in a similar situation if they are like Dickey themselves. However, these are extremely specific scenarios that the writer had to deal with and managed to overcome.

Real Events of Narcissistic Abuse is one woman’s memoir on surviving narcissistic abusive relationships. She tells her story to help other people identify the red flags early on and know to get out of those situations. The author has relied on her spiritual beliefs to get through these moments and offers references for those who need them.

Pages: 125 | ASIN : B09VRB2LRT

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We the Presidents

In We the Presidents author Ronald Gruner has comprehensively written about more than a dozen American presidents, covering every significant aspect of their presidency and the impact they had in the United States and the world at large. The author did not just talk about the former presidents’ policies and politics, but he also touches on their personal lives, ideologies, and the roles they played. I love that the author wrote about both popular presidents and those whose history is not widely known.

Author Ronald Gruner is a great teacher of history, as he takes the reader through significant events chronologically, explaining how one event affected the next. Reading this book will make you appreciate democracy and get you interested in America as a nation and its significance to world superpowers. This fascinating book is easy to follow as the author uses simple language. You will come across complex jargon, but Ronald Gruner defines and further breaks down new vocabulary and words that are not familiar to the average reader. From presidents Warren G. Harding, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Nixon, Reagan, Obama, and Donald Trump, Ronald Gruner has everything you need to know about these once powerful men and how they shaped the nation and global politics while they were in power.

Reading about the seventeen presidents was a fascinating experience, as the author also included fun facts and bits of their personalities that are not known by many. Ronald Gruner is objective. The author is rational and non-biased. His reasoning is clear, and one can only help but admire how Ronald Gruner views issues. After reading this book, you realize how hectic it can be to be the Commander In Chief of a nation. I appreciate the author, for he, without bias, highlighted both the wins and failures of the presidents. The discussions on the status quo and current global affairs were eye-opening. The author writes about different crises in the world, the war on terror, democracy, the military, NATO, and much more. I especially enjoyed the arrangement of chapters where each chapter covers an individual president because I thought this helped the reading.

We the Presidents: How American Presidents Shaped the Last Century is an overview biography of the last seventeen presidents of the United States of America, and their accomplishments and failures. Without focusing on political parties the author gives readers a non-biased but intriguing overview of American history.

Pages: 628 | ASIN : B09NLG54RV

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Travels and Tribulations

Travels and Tribulations by Tyrel Nelson is a wonderful and insightful collection of short stories following the author’s journey through various locations where he has lived, worked, or just passed through. It is full of lovely anecdotes and in-depth recollections of some of his adventures as he has traveled around the world and recounts some of the interesting characters he has met along the way.

Each short story provides excellent insight for the reader into some of the lesser-traveled parts of the world and celebrates each culture Nelson had the pleasure of experiencing. This memoir is an excellent guide for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge about various countries or looking for travel tips for their own explorations.

This book is the perfect way for the author to share some of his more personal travel experiences. By incorporating some of the local dialects and languages from his adventures, readers experience the culture in a more personal manner. Passages such as, “¿Qué piensan los estadounidenses de la muerte?”, which are then translated for the reader, have the effect of transporting you on Tyrel Nelson’s travels with him. Giving a more rich and authentic feel to the writing.

Tyrel Nelson has created an informative and influential travelogue and shared some fantastic stories and knowledge of local areas while traveling. However, I feel each chapter could have been a bit longer as I yearned to know more about the surroundings and other events that took place while he was in the area. I would definitely like to learn more about his adventures.

Travels and Tribulations is the memoir of Tyrel Nelson. This heartwarming book is more than a collection of his travels; it documents his personal struggles and the challenges of losing his parents. What started as a project to pick himself up turned into a cathartic experience that he now shares with the world.

Pages: 101 | ASIN : B08T1R4DWY

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The Konar and the Apple

Babak has lived in Ahwaz, Idaho, London, Iran, Japan, and now California. At age 11, Babak and his family relocated to Iran. Initially, life was easy and he spent his days making memories with his friends there. They worked together to found their own secret society and went seeking avenues to fund their club. However, things took a drastic turn when the war between Iran and Iraq broke out. First, Babak had to leave his friends behind and relocate again with his family amidst the insistent bombings to another town. Then worrying about having to enlist in the military if he failed the national college entrance examinations was a growing concern. Thriving as a growing boy in Iran, Babak encountered some roadblocks, heartache, breakthroughs, and also falling in love.

The Konar and the Apple by Babak Hodjat is a compilation of events from the author, Babak Hodjat’s time living and growing up in Iran during a war. He shares with us the peace his family enjoyed before the war the happy times that were carefree. When the war started, his family experienced fear and anxiety as they relocated away from the fighting. Hodjat especially goes into detail about what his time living and schooling during and after the war looked like. Living through a war did not change him. At heart, he was still that adventurous and daring child before the war.

Babak aimed to share all his core memories as a growing boy in the form of storytelling and he has successfully done this. At times Babak did describe serious memories but he also managed to keep the tone lighthearted. Babak’s stories bring back a feeling of nostalgia and takes us back to the time when we were creative. He gives readers undiluted, yet brief access to what his youthful years looked like.

The Konar and the Apple is perfect for younger readers as they will be captivated by Babak’s adventures and quests with his friends. Readers looking to envision what the life of an average Iranian citizen looked like during the war will find this to be an eye-opening read.

Pages: 355 | ASIN : B09QH3Q55S

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Two Daughters, One Hero

Two Daughters, One Hero, by Maribel Santana-Texidor, is an interview with Papi, the adopted father of Marisol and Maribel as well as a memoir of his life. Both daughters admired their father, he is their rock, the one they look up to in all things. In their words, he is the most important person in their lives. They wanted to honor him and share his story so others would know the kind of man he is and share his insights that gave them so much comfort, with others. This beautifully written memoir tells of Papi’s childhood, hard work, getting married and many life lessons and wisdom Papi shared with his family.

I enjoyed reading the interview between Papi and his daughters because this allowed me to feel more connected to Papi and his experiences. He is honest and direct in his answers often leading his daughters to ask him to explain more and give more details. This touching book is not solely an interview, it is also a memoir, where Maribel tells readers stories about Papi’s life. The stories Maribel adds are inserted in ways to give readers a better understanding of who Papi is and why he has made such an impact on their lives, and the people that know him. Maribel doesn’t sugarcoat Papi’s life experiences, she is honest and open with the reader and because of that, you admire the person Papi is.

I also admire the fact that both daughters see their dad as a hero with so much wisdom to pass down. The passing of knowledge from one generation to the next is a time-honored tradition, this book is the living history for their family that can be passed down for generations to come. Reading this memoir warmed my heart because you feel the love both girls have for their family.

One thing that greatly added to the story is all the photos that were included. It gave readers a visual making the stories more real to the readers. Reading about Mami and Papi’s relationship is one to be admired as you can tell they genuinely loved each other. They embodied the vow of “in sickness and health.” He never left her side while she battled with Alzheimer’s. I enjoyed reading about this family and watching their family grow over the years. Their life was filled with love, hardship, loss, and such a strong bond.

Two Daughters, One Hero is a passionate telling of one man’s life. His words intertwined with stories from his daughter’s perspectives create a life story worth reading, and a testament to the strength of family. This beautifully written memoir will touch the hearts of those that read it leaving them with memories and wisdom that can only come from people that have experienced a full life.

Pages: 100 | ISBN : 1736901923

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Black, White, and Gray All Over

Black, White, and Gray All Over: A Black Man’s Odyssey in Life and Law Enforcement by Frederick Reynolds is a fantastic memoir surrounding his tumultuous life as a black cop in Compton, California. The book deals with sensitive topics such as racism, police brutality, poverty, and crime. As a cop, Reynolds encounters horrific situations that allow him to showcase in his book the many difficulties and traumatic events that cops in America have to deal with daily. Through his unforgettable story, he invites the reader to take a look from the inside at what it’s like to work in law enforcement in one of the most crime-ridden cities of America. This well-crafted book is highly informative and brings a critical perspective on life: it’s not all black and white; there are also gray areas that are constantly being navigated and make things more complicated to understand.

This revealing memoir tells the emotional story of the author’s road to personal improvement. Reynolds describes perfectly what it was like growing up in a dysfunctional family and how he almost kept going down the wrong path as a young person. We get to see the dangerous lifestyles that many people are introduced to from an early age and how hard it is to get out of them without the appropriate support system. His job as a cop helps him build a life for himself and his family. However, this didn’t come right away. Many obstacles had to be overcome, getting to witness in the process one of the most heartbreaking and cruelest realities of the worst areas in Los Angeles County.

Reynolds tells his personal story with great detail. His descriptive writing is carried out through every chapter. From his life as a child to his eventual retirement, he gives as much context as possible to the reader, creating a complete and holistic perspective of his life. He makes sure to display the real problems and corruption that he saw while working as a cop. He also shows the reader how challenging and thankless the job of being a cop in America is. This allows him to exhibit the complex and traumatic lives people who work in law enforcement have to deal with. His detailed accounts of murders, shootings, drug deals, and gang violence were very tough to read, and it’s hard to imagine what it would be like to lead a life where such events are part of your daily routine.

Black, White, and Gray All Over: A Black Man’s Odyssey in Life and Law Enforcement is a relevant book that will help readers understand the history of racism and discrimination that this country has had. Police work is probably one of the most demanding jobs out there, and through this book, you’ll get a better understanding of all the sacrifice it takes to carry out this necessary profession. Bad people come in all genders, races, shapes, and sizes; some even wear badges, so it’s important to remain human and avoid judging too harshly those that happen to look different than us or have had the misfortune to grow in disadvantageous circumstances.

Pages: 477 | ASIN : B09JF9VB4Z

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