How Did I Do That?

How Did I Do That? is a witty and charming memoir of author Bill Dutcher. The book follows Dutcher as a young man who is the middle child of three boys. Born in Oklahoma to Harris and Louise Dutcher. His father was a chemist who worked in research and development, and his mother was a housewife who did more than the average housewife. She was involved in club activities such as Toastmasters and Lion Tamers, but she was also a secretary during the depression. In the 50’s, a husband was thought of as incapable of providing for his family if his wife worked.

Bill is a mischievous little boy as he goes through his school years and then goes on to college. Throughout his school career, he finds a love for basketball. He marries Terry despite her parent’s objections, and he gets a job as a journalist. He then joins the Navy for four years where he spends time in the Philippines and plays basketball in the Navy. After different positions as a speechwriter and lobbyist, Bill is introduced to the world of oil and gas. From there, he creates his own company, and throughout these years, he still has a love for basketball and makes several comebacks.

Author Bill Dutcher’s memoir is compelling, engaging, and takes the reader back in time. It is interesting to see how different things were in the 50’s, especially with the mention of the end of World War II, to sharp observations of Richard Nixon and the presidential campaign, to children playing outside and not having electronics to occupy them.

I would’ve liked for Dutcher to have taken a deeper dive into these critical events in history and his experiences, especially growing up during segregation, because what is presented is intriguing and makes me want to learn more. I enjoyed seeing pictures of Bill as he grew up playing basketball, being in the Navy, and of his wife and daughters. This allowed me to connect with the author. I found it amusing that the author admits that, like many adults, we don’t realize how great we had it with our parents until we have to start paying our own bills and get a job. Dutcher’s writing comes off conversational, so it feels like you are having a conversation with your grandpa. It is safe to say that Dutcher has lived an exciting life and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

How Did I Do That? is a fascinating memoir about the life of a man that took risks and never settled for the ordinary. His experiences and insights into historical events are captivating to read. In addition, his love for basketball is infectious.

Pages: 398 | ASIN : B09L5HTNHJ

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