Darke Realms: The In-Between: (Arcana 1)

Darke Realms – The In-between is the first book in author Michele L. Sayre’s Arcana series, and it is a solid introduction to the world and some of its major characters. In this story, the first person we meet is Rue Mohanahan, a thirty-five-year-old woman with a secret past, deep trauma, and supernatural abilities. Serendipity brings Rue to a small town, where she meets a local witch and the nearby Nightblood werewolf pack leaders. Unfortunately, Rue’s past doesn’t stay in the past, and she is forced to confront the demons that haunt her. As it turns out, Rue is an Arcana, a human-angel hybrid. While this is the source of her fantastic abilities, it is also the reason she has been hurt so badly. Everything culminates in a battle that can only be fought with the people she met along the way and can only be won using her powers.

One theme that runs through this captivating novel is, belonging. Readers watch as the protagonist transforms from someone who has no home and no family to someone who is important and beloved in her community. As she finds love in many forms: familial, platonic, and romantic, readers will experience her joy and watch her grow into someone more confident. Despite her painful past, Rue is a loving figure to those around her, and through the love she gives, she finds a place where she belongs.

The author weaves an exquisite, well-paced tale with a good combination of world-building and plot building. It is tailor-made for readers who love contemporary fantasy stories with dark and urban fantasy elements. The novel is narrated in first-person from the perspective of three different characters. This approach allows readers to gain a more substantial understanding of the action and the thought process behind each character’s motives.

Sayre uses familiar fantasy tropes, giving readers a sense of comfort with elements that have come to be expected in the traditional fantasy genre. The characters are likable and sympathetic, providing readers with feel-good emotions as they follow their journey. The story sets the stakes high but believable while leaving enough out of the story to set up for sequels.

Darke Realms – The In-between is a riveting dark fantasy novel that gives readers solid and relatable characters in a new world. Using elements of horror and paranormal activities, the author builds excitement for this new series and sets up readers for an action-filled and exciting adventure.

Pages: 319 | ASIN : B09M8BHK3M

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