Water Witch: Book Two

Author Kelly Brewer’s novel Water Witch is the second book in his science fiction series, The Deepening. This action-filled novel follows the adventures of Kyle Supplanits, a former Marine turned intergalactic rock star. Following the events of First Contact, mankind’s space exploration, or “Deepening,” has brought humans into contact with a hostile alien race known as the Ziz.

After a horrifying attack during the band’s rock show on Neptune, Kyle and his new wife, Mercy, escape to Earth to regroup and figure out how to combat the Ziz. As Kyle awakens his “Water Witch” powers, characters across the solar system deal with the onslaught of the alien menace.

Water Witch is a dizzying blend of science fiction, sex, zombies, aliens, and conservative values. The author has masterfully set up the characters and conflicts across multiple landscapes in this space opera. The story mainly takes place in Texas, where readers learn more about Kyle. The sexual relationship between Kyle and Mercy is detailed, with somewhat rambunctious sex scenes. When not involved with Mercy, Kyle is being experimented on by Dr. Hadjii, who is trying to figure out what makes Kyle so unique to the Ziz. Finding out why he is important could be key to saving humanity.

Meanwhile, in space, the Ziz, who are semi-visible tornado fire creatures, are wreaking havoc across the different space stations. They are launching a zombie attack to try and take control of the stations and prevent humans from committing genocide on their species.

Some interesting themes are explored when the characters wax philosophically about their places in the world. For example, Kyle seems to be keenly aware of how small he is in the universe while at the same time believing he is critical to the future of mankind.

I think the presentation of the novel can be challenging for readers in places. Brewer uses different fonts to differentiate the languages when narrating the Ziz. I feel the way Kyle and Mercy address each other can lead to reader fatigue as most of their dialog is punctuated by exclamation points. However, their constant affection can be endearing and shows their loyalty and human nature.

Some of the themes brought up in this novel are premarital sex, drug use, pokes at politics, bureaucracy, and the media. The exploration of so many themes will leave readers with plenty to ponder and directions to guess where the story will go.

Water Witch is an entertaining science fiction novel with larger-than-life characters and interesting and original alien antagonists. This quirky space opera saga will keep readers on edge from start to finish and left dying to see what happens next.

Pages: 300 | ASIN : B09JDRPYHZ

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