Time’s Up

Time’s Up by Mike Ross is a science fiction novel based on the end of human civilization and the politics behind it all. When a strange flying object appears outside the United Nations Headquarters building, the whole world goes into a panic. Then, voices are suddenly heard, issuing a warning about the approaching danger that will end human life on Earth. From this first contact with aliens, the United Nations leadership finds out that the sun is about to experience a series of very large Coronal Mass Ejections, an event that humans can do nothing about. There’s only one choice: to trust these alien voices and prepare a selected group of human beings that will evacuate the earth and start civilization on a new planet. But, will the political structures of the different countries allow for this evacuation to proceed fairly and peacefully?

There is tension from the beginning of this riveting story, the main point being that politicians’ humanity has been destroyed by their lust for power. The plot is presented so that we are always following the political figures dealing with this apocalyptic event across many countries, which allows the author to showcase the good and the bad that is present in most bureaucratic political organizations. The story’s pacing can feel somewhat slow at times, but this is balanced out by the intrigue and the need to find out how the story resolves. With time, the reader starts to engage with the plot, and the interest in the characters begins to spark.

The way the story is told leaves the reader wondering if what’s happening could be real or if it is just a hoax. Rumors start to spread, and even the most prominent political figures in the world are not sure if the appearance of this alien ship is the result of an elaborate prank or a terrorist act. This sets the plot in motion and keeps the reader guessing until the very end. Alongside the story, important aspects of the modern political world are displayed, opening a discussion about the many problems that some abusive, overbearing political powers pose to the world.

This well-crafted story is detailed and illustrates excellently how our current society would react to an apocalyptic event with its varied and complex political structures. The author makes sure to expose everything, from the interactions between different people to the preparations needed to ensure the continuation of human civilization. The result is a holistic book that deals with current human and political affairs as a commentary on how some of these structures have to be fought to avoid the sabotage that they impose on humankind.

Time’s Up is a gripping science fiction and a socio-political novel about how world leaders might handle an apocalypse situation. For those that enjoy a good conspiracy theory story and political maneuvering, this novel will keep them entertained and, perhaps, questioning how real could this be.

Pages: 386 | ISBN : 0578257890

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