Allure of Oartheca

Allure of Oartheca, the first book of The Oarthecan Star Saga by author James Siewert, is the galactic tale of the rogue Captain Rowland Hale of Earth. On the score of a lifetime, with his crew on their ship Luck of the Draw, Hale is ambushed by the dreaded Pryok’tel, who takes his crew, and a world-altering technology, as the injured captain can only hide and watch.

Coming to his rescue is the disgraced Captain Toar Grithrawscion of the Oarth race of Oartheca. Along with his mining crew of Lurcaster’s Claw, they try to aid Rowland in the retrieval of his crew and the dangerous technology they stole. It’s an instant attraction between the captains, but can they overcome their broken pasts, Oarth laws, and biological difficulties to be together?

This thrilling and fast-paced novel reminded me of Firefly and Star Trek combined. This captivating book is over three hundred pages, and Siewert’s pacing of the novel is perfect. While the book only takes place over a few days, the action scenes and attention to detail keep the story moving and readers engaged. Siewart’s descriptions are beautiful, and when he presents a concept that is not the norm for humans, he explains them perfectly. The author’s tone for the story is light and fun, even in the dark moments.

It was funny reading the thoughts of what an alien species make of humans, and likewise for the human Rowland’s observations of the Oarths. The author’s creativity really shines when he describes how a species eats. I would’ve liked to have the Under explained sooner in the story, but it didn’t take away from my overall enjoyment.

The romance is done well in this book, and I applaud the author for making the protagonist gay. The relationship is an Alpha and Omega kind of love that is balanced while keeping both characters as strong individuals. In addition, I appreciated that the author gave both male protagonists a realistic body type. Rather than use the overdone chiseled abs and the perfect body, the characters are relatable to a broader range of readers.

Allure of Oartheca is an exhilarating space opera with intriguing LGBTQ+ characters. This science fiction novel is filled with action and adventure as the characters race across space trying to save the galaxy.

Pages: 365 | ASIN : B095S3V2S1

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