The Lost and Lonely Tumbleweed

The Lost and Lonely Tumbleweed, by T.C. Bartlett, tells the story of a lonely tumbleweed named Spike. All Spike wants is to make a friend and not be alone anymore. He is very open-minded and tries to make friends with everyone he meets, but no one wants to be his friend; they all have a different excuse for why they can not be friends with a tumbleweed. Spike refuses to be discouraged for long and keeps his search going. Even when chased by bees and birds or stuck in a rain shower, Spike rolls along, never giving up. Will he ever find a friend that accepts him as he is?

This creative picture book tells a story about persistence, friendships, and acceptance. Through the whimsical illustrations, also done by T.C. Bartlett, young readers will follow Spike on his journey. Spike has a sense of humor and a strong personality that kids will find entertaining. However, it is not all sweet and happy moments in the story. Instead, this children’s book showcases Spike’s struggles on his quest. None of the obstacles he encounters are scary, but they show kids that it is not easy to achieve your goals sometimes, and you have to work hard to get through the challenges.

The topic of friendship is one that many preschool and kindergarten children face. Making new friends is hard, and Spike shows the reality of it. Not all people are meant to be friends, and you have to choose your friends wisely. The message of finding someone that wants to be your friend for who you are and not what you can do for them or try to change you is important.

The Lost and Lonely Tumbleweed is a heartwarming picture book that tells the story of finding a real friend. It reminds children of the importance of never giving up on achieving your goals and not changing yourself for other people.

Pages: 50 | ISBN : 1733908609

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