Sean Coleman is back in action in this fifth installment of the series, Restitution. The story opens up with a young boy exploring his local Mexico streets in 1972 until he sees a man walk up to his family’s apartment building and gunfire ensues. That leads readers to the future – as we fast forward to the early 2000’s, we catch back up with Sean Coleman. He is gearing up for his next big adventure. Are you wondering how these stories intertwine? You’ll have to read Restitution by renowned author John A. Daly to find out!

Daly’s great attention to detail sets this book apart from any other thriller on the market. We see this from page one of the story as the author tells us everything we need to know to set the scene. He talks about the mariachi music playing from an upper apartment window as the character plays with a deflated basketball. We feel a sense of mundanity but with the slightest hint of suspense. You instantly know that you are in the slums of 70’s Mexico. You know that something big is about to happen, but you’re just not sure what. I also enjoyed how the story goes into detail about what each character has on and their mannerisms. The mom’s lacey white lingerie, the cop’s cowboy boots, and toothpick are what stick out the most.

If I could use one word to explain Daly’s writing style, it would be gritty. He had me on the edge of my seat throughout the book wondering what happens next. But there were times I had to look away because it was as if I was watching Scarface for the first time. Some may argue that it could be too much at certain points. It simply depends on your tastes, and for me, I enjoyed every word.

The story is raw and dirty, with well-fitting rough edges that place readers in a well-worn world that is deeply compelling.

Restitution by John A. Daly is a must-read for any thriller lover out there. Despite its hefty page length readers will fly through it in no time. This book makes for the perfect summer beach read because of how it grips you from the start. Better yet, read it on your way to Vegas, it will cast the desert in a different color.

Pages: 389 | ASIN: B0981JGZ95

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