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Literary Titan Gold Book Award Feb 2023

Literary Titan Gold Book Award

The Literary Titan Book Awards are awarded to books that have astounded and amazed us with unique writing styles, vivid worlds, complex characters, and original ideas. These books deserve extraordinary praise and we are proud to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and writing talent of these brilliant authors.

Award Recipients

Visit the Literary Titan Book Awards page to see award information.

Literary Titan Silver Book Award February 2023

Literary Titan Silver Book Award

The Literary Titan Book Awards are awarded to books that have astounded and amazed us with unique writing styles, vivid worlds, complex characters, and original ideas. These books deserve extraordinary praise and we are proud to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and writing talent of these brilliant authors.

Award Recipients

Visit the Literary Titan Book Awards page to see award information.

It Was Dark And Scary

Carly Brown Author Interview

The Celine Bower Story follows a woman whose need for revenge after she’s viciously assaulted changes her into a new and vengeful person. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

I was living in Blackpool in England, and I woke up one morning and realized I was going to be late for work. I left my house in a hurry; all I had on me were my keys and my phone. I was running down this street trying to get there on time when I got to a crossroads. In front of me was this dark alley, and I could go down there, or a couple of blocks up was the city street, but I thought ‘nah, I don’t want to be late’. I ran as fast as I could down this alley. It was dark and scary; there were dumpsters and vans and doors slamming and at one point I looked up and saw this vision of a woman coming out of one of the buildings and walking down the fire escape. I stopped to watch her for a second, then I realized I was going to be late for work, so I started running again and by the time I got there I felt like I knew her whole life story. The Celine Bower Story began on paper napkins.

Celine Bower is a compelling character that goes through a dramatic transformation. What were some driving ideals behind her character’s development?

The driving ideals behind Celine’s development were that her purpose would still revolve around her service to others and in making the right choices based on her abilities and strengths. If one were to consider Celine a superhero or vigilante—it is the traumatic event that becomes the catalyst for change which drives our heroes to take the law into their own hands. Celine didn’t strive to become a hero; she became one by taking vengeance on those who had terribly wronged her. I think she would have loved to have stayed the same person she was before she was attacked and left for dead; that kind and loving free spirit, but instead, based on things that happened and her need for vengeance, she was forced to adapt and become more than what she had planned for herself.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Some of the themes that I thought were of importance had to do with the events that led up to Celine becoming a vigilante. Vengeance, which was something that Celine had never considered as a response to anything that had happened in her life before she was attacked suddenly became relevant to her and what she considered to be an appropriate punishment for rape. The other theme that I considered of great importance was the need for my character to pick herself up and brush herself off after what happened to her, and not in such a way that her suffering or trauma was trivialized, but to demonstrate that she possessed an inner strength she didn’t know she had, from which to draw from in order to move on from the terrible event that changed her life . I wanted her to not only survive but to thrive after what she went through.

What can readers expect in Chronicle Two?

Readers can expect Celine to be back in action in Chronicle Two which was released in August of 2022. I traveled to the jungles of Borneo in Southeast Asia myself to conduct the research for the second book. I think it’s really exciting and readers will enjoy catching up with Celine once again.

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Celine Bower is a hometown girl living the quiet life and a successful veterinarian. She is twenty-six year sold. Then, she is drugged, kidnapped and gang-raped. The local police seem to be unable to find out who did it. Celine and her best frienddream of ways of getting even with the men responsible for her trauma and the crime. Thoughts of revenge consume Celine. Then a seemingly supernaturalforce gives her a sudden insight into who her unknown attackers are and also where she can find them. Systematically and unknown to anybody, she seeks out the assailants and strikes back viciously seeking her revenge Everyone in town begins to look for the mystery woman committing these acts of vengeance. Can Celine keep her true identity secret while she creates this new vengeful creature? Can she eliminate these predators before her own identity is revealed?

Magical Understandings

K.J. Amidon Author Interview

Dimension Guardian: The Realm of Beasts – The Guardian Tournament follows five guardians from the five realms who are hand-picked to discover who is behind a plot to destroy their world. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

There were a lot of inspirations for this series, the main one being that I wanted to explore magic in a more contemporary setting where it was common understanding that magic existed, but there were still modern conveniences like cars, firearms, and cell phones. When I thought about how modern conveniences allow us to explore other countries in our world, I wanted to expand the world of the book to include other realms, which allowed me to create difference creatures, magical understandings, societies, and stereotypes that I could explore. Having one main character from each realm also allowed me to explore how each of those cultures interact with one another on an individual level.

The characters in Dimension Guardian are remarkably complex. What is your process for creating such in-depth characters?

I love exploring character complexity through character interactions. Authentic characters that feel real and dynamic are always a goal in my stories, and I want the interactions of the characters to feel realistic. For these characters, I wanted each of them to fill a certain role within the team, so I built the characters backwards so that their pasts would justify their behaviors (even if they don’t go into depth about their past right away). I didn’t want my characters to be flat, or single layered, so I was sure to figure out their home lives, their upbringing, their relationship with their job, and how they view other people so that every interaction was as realistic as possible.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

I think challenging preconceived notions about people and situations was one of the most important themes I wanted to explore. Each of the main characters is from a different realm and there are certain stereotypes and prejudices that I wanted to showcase. I also wanted to explore the themes of strong-silent male characters always being alone and needing to be slowly softened over the course of a story. Most of these characters have loved ones and families that they cherish, and I wanted that to be a dynamic explored in this type of adventure story.

Can you tell us a little about where the story goes in book two and when the novel will be available?

The story continues by following the five Guardians through the tournament, but they finally meet their enemy face to face after he makes himself known in a very public way. From that moment on, they learn that there are forces far more powerful than they could have imagined lining up a destined fight that could destroy all five realms. The five Guardians must navigate the tournament, the politics, and the public fear as their mission becomes more complex and leads them into a battle where everything rests on their shoulders.

Books 2, 3, and 4 are currently available for purchase. The audiobook of Book 4 should be available in the next few months. And Books 5 and 6 will be available within the next 2 months.

Author Links: GoodReads | Twitter | Facebook | Website

Dalton Teban is considered the best active Guardian in the five connected worlds, but nothing in his training prepared him for a crisis of such magnitude. The magical seal securing the five worlds has been fractured and the realms are colliding, creating distrust in the Dimension Protection Council and threatening war between the worlds.

In a desperate attempt to investigate the corruption in Council and find the one who fractured the seal, Dalton is forced to participate in the Guardian Tournament, a spectacle that pits the highly-trained Guardians against one another in brutal battle for sport. Using the tournament as a distraction, the Elders of Council group the five strongest and most trust-worthy Guardians into one team to infiltrate and flush out criminals within the Guardian Branch. Working with his teammates Eclipse, Mitoki, Hanyi, and Keito, Dalton is tasked with a mission of unimaginable magnitude—and one that has far-reaching repercussions.

Dalton learns that this is not the first time the Guardian Tournament has been used as a distraction to the public. Forty years previous, a horrific massacre at the Guardian Tournament devastated the Dimension Protection Council. With the tournament in practice once again, there is expectation that the same criminal responsible for the deaths of thousands is behind the unrest threatening the five worlds…and Dalton knows he has become the bait to lure him out of the shadows.

Centuries-old secrets and hidden agendas bring the strongest Guardians to question their orders, their mission, and their own loyalty as they face an enemy more powerful than they could have ever believed.

Frankenstina – Book Trailer

From the day she was brought into this world, she was hated. Her father hated her because she killed her mother during childbirth. The other children hated her because of her hideous face and size. The teachers hated her because of her intelligence. What happens to the mind when it is exposed to physical and mental abuse from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed? What happens when the town’s people look at you as a freak of nature and whisper behind your back? What happens when the unspeakable happens to you, and you turn to your father for compassion, and you find none? You become what they think you are. You become…THE MONSTER!

Raise the Dead

A doctor who happens to also be a necromancer named Emilio finds himself in the presence of his queen, but she is no longer alive. Queen Marisol has been murdered. Her spirit finds its way to Emilio, so she can finally be at peace. First, however, the truth must come out to those nearest to her as someone, or something, is impersonating her.

Raise the Dead by Tony Fuentes and C. S. Kading takes readers on an adventure that Emilio is unsure of, but he is willing to do anything to help his queen. The pair encounter skeptics of his work, shades, and other undead creatures as they search for a way to help Queen Marisol uncover the truth and share it with those nearest to her. However, during this time, unexpected feelings are growing between Emilio and Marisol.

The authors have created a unique, riveting dark fantasy novel with a slow-burn romance. The chemistry between the two main characters is subtle and sets readers up for a more extended storyline beyond this one novel. I found myself anxious to get to the moment when they would finally be together. The slow pace works with the story, as there is more at stake than love. The narrative and plotline flow smoothly, giving readers a complete picture of what is happening. Bringing the truth into the light comes off as the story’s focus and romance complement it perfectly.

Raise the Dead is a gripping dark fantasy and paranormal romance novel that takes readers into the world of necromancers. With richly developed characters, magic and adventure, there is something for readers of all fantasy to enjoy. This novel has a lot of potentials to be a fantastic series. I look forward to seeing how Tony Fuentes and C. S. Kading develop this budding romance.

Pages: 243 | ASIN : B0BKJP16PX

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Miracle Man

Who would have ever thought a pure and wholesome love would awaken something so vile and hideous? Milton Fisk was a kind, plain librarian at the library down the street who’s had a crush on his best friend’s sister, Debra, for years. All he ever wanted was to live by Debra’s side, doing the most mundane things and loving her forever. But things changed when one day, he stumbled upon an incredible power that he knew not the origin of. After that, everything seems to be going fine until one bad decision after another, greed and rejection later. Suddenly the plain librarian down the street was no more. Now he wants to make the world forget about the powerful man from Nazarene and put into action his plan for a new world. He’s willing to go to any length to accomplish his goals, whatever it takes.

Miracle Man by Ken Stark is a dark fantasy horror novel revolving around a man who came to wield such incredible power the world had only read about in books. Milton Fisk, his longtime sweetheart, Debra, and his best friend, Frank, were unsure what to do about this great power. Until Frank came up with a brilliant idea to utilize this newfound power to earn them a fortune. Milton’s love and devotion for Debra kept him on the right track, not losing sight of his true self amidst attention and money. However, one bad conversation later and Milton slowly began to slip away.

Author Ken Stark has written a gut-wrenching horror fiction story. Miracle Man had me on a roller coaster of emotions. At first, it was all roses and sunshine, and then the light switched, and everything became darker, appalling…yet intriguing. The character development of Milton, now Elijah Zion, is intense and mindblowing. Readers can follow the protagonist’s vile thought process and still be shocked and horrified. The change and progression in this character will keep readers on edge and glued to the pages as his devious plot unfolds and mere humans are left to try and stop him.

Miracle Man is a gripping horror novel that takes readers into a spiritual battle that will alter human existence. Ken Stark has written characters that readers will love and hate, but one thing is for sure, they will not forget them. This work of art was unapologetically flawless. Therefore, I recommend this book to dark fantasy and horror-loving readers. The author holds nothing back, and the book contains graphic sexual violence and gory scenes that are intended for mature readers.

Pages: 324 | ASIN : B0B9YTYX35

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For The Readers To Decide

Joshua Landeros Author Interview

In The Phantom a rebellion is revealed and the destinies of individuals will intersect when dreams and desperation collide. What was the one thing that motivated you the most to write this book?

That is a great question. For me, the driving force behind the book was the notion of empire and the cost it brings. As an avid history reader, I found myself drawn to battles and political inquisitions from both the recent and distant past. Moreover, I wanted to focus on a different type of war. The Harmonious Union, technically speaking, is not your traditional behemoth of an empire like say Rome, Britain, or Spain. It functions more like the United Nations with the Nameless Continent serving as a foundation for a brotherhood between the nations. In turn, the Expeditionary League functions as a multinational peace-keeping force. I drew inspiration from the modern day status of NATO which serves as a tight coalition between what many would see as the western powers. NATO originally served as a deterrent against the Soviet Union, a rival superpower during the Cold War. Even with its main adversary gone, however, NATO has not been dissolved. To the contrary, NATO has carried out offensive operations in the former Yugoslavia, several nations of the Middle East, and even took a crack at Africa during the Libya campaign. Many would argue these bombing campaigns were the only alternative to deal with tyrants and tottering nations, but there’s no doubt that the price of such campaigns has been extensive for stability and civilian life. 

That was the duality I wanted to show with the Expeditionary League and their foes. Pantheon:The Phantom‘s central theme is that no adversarial nation appears in a vacuum. All actions have a historical precedent and an origin point, even if one doesn’t agree with the policies and aftermath of a rogue state, a band of terrorists, or the now lesser used term radicals. The Pact of Ram can be seen as any number of these historical groups. That to me would be for the readers to decide. Are they freedom fighters, or dangerous insurrectionists and anarchists? 

There is a lot of fantastic action in this book. Was that intentional or incidental to the story you wanted to tell?

It actually developed naturally for me. I sat down and first decided the geographic layout of each theater of combat. A promontory over a foggy ocean, a ship out at sea, a forest not far from a beach, all of these things took time for me to visualize. Then I wondered how the characters would use that environment. Unlike my previous science fiction works, magic was a factor so I also decided to make full use of that. I wanted to give each nation a unique use of their mages’ abilities, and for me it was a whole lot of fun that way. The Daijo bend water, ice, and fog to their will while Yunians rely more on alchemy and even music itself. The lone Ilean soldier portrayed uses a much more aggressive style than all the rest and walks a fine line between black magic and what’s legally sanctioned. I hope to explore more of these characters in the future. 

Do you define your character’s motivations before writing or are they revealed to you as you write?

As a writer, I am admittedly slower because I like to build thorough skeletons of my chapters and characters. Thanks to the power of Google Docs, I can line up my chapters from start to finish and examine if the order is logical or substance is needed. Even so, I also discover much about the characters as I write. This process of “putting meat on the bones” leads to development of character personality quirks, underlying motivations,  and sometimes even backstory reveals. A soldier is never just a soldier any more than a king is just a king. I try to keep that in mind when I write.

What can readers expect in book three in the Pantheon – Genesis Arc?

Oh boy! This is a book I can wait for readers to experience! I actually wanted to release it in 2022, but a slew of ideas and expanded storylines led to me pushing it back. The next book will be released in August of 2023 and will be called Pantheon: The Contact. As I’ve spent more and more time in the world of the Pantheon series, I’ve found myself developing the history of the world, its culture, and of course its dark secrets. Many of these dark secrets will come to light in the third book.In a similar vein to the Malazan Book of the Fallen Series, each book will now focus on a different set of characters though many characters will crossover between stories of course. Pantheon volume 1 introduced primarily Atty Sowell and Yaphet Orinse while the Phantom focused on Atty, her father Palkan Sowell, and the Pact of Ram warriors. Pantheon: The Contact will follow Yaphet as he discovers a massive conspiracy that has rotted the integrity of the Sebelian south. Hot on the trail of these dark secrets is the huntress Dahan who will discover her own sordid history. All the while, Palkan Sowell continues his hunt for the Pact of Ram. What he discovers, however, is no less than a monstrosity that threatens to consume the entire world of Avah. An ancient terror will emerge from the shadows and drag the nations into chaos. An ancient terror for centuries known only as The Wanderer. This is a character who has briefly appeared in the first two books but also in the Law of Might trilogy. The Wanderer’s backstory will be explored in the Law of Sacrilege books.

There’s much more to come in the Pantheon Universe!

Author Links: GoodReads | Twitter | Facebook | Website

What were once mere whispers are now a looming threat. The signs of a large-scale rebellion have revealed themselves across the world known as Avah. The source of the sickness is a group made up of members from across the continents. They call themselves the Pact of Ram. With the threat now out in the open, the people of Sebel have been recruited to squash the insurrection. Leading them into battle is Athaliah’s very own father, Palkan Sowell. A veteran of the Hollow Wars, the chieftain again sets out for the war path. The fate of his family and his village lies with his mission.
In the eastern sea, a bounty hunter prepares for another job. The pay is good and the gig seems easy enough. Yubira hails from the desert continent in the west and has seen much of the world. Wars and the grueling trials of the underworld are what she’s used to. With her partner by her side, nothing seems impossible. That is until the day she runs into an old acquaintance from her past. Their encounter will change her life forever.
The destinies of these individuals will soon intersect. Dreams and desperation will collide. Fans of adventure, fantasy, and horror will rejoice with the Pantheon series. The epic saga continues with Pantheon: The Phantom.
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