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Author Interview

Kelvin and the Age of the Universe is a compilation of writings on the history of Astronomy and its influence on history and cultural development. How much research did you undertake for this book and how much time did it take to put it all together?

I was in Prague in 2020 (during Covid time) and wrote two essays in quantum physics and astronomy, that are part of the book.

The first essay “The connection between Larmor formula and Niels Bohr model in the 2-D cross-sectional views of an atom” is an elaborated text on electrodynamics and quantum physics.

This is an inspirational text. Larmor formula phonetically means “love formula” in French (my mother language). The introduction is a journey in time, with a presentation of portraits of notable personalities i.e. W. Rowan Hamilton, Ludwig Boltzmann, James C. Maxwell, Charles-Augustine Coulomb, etc. providing historical support to the text.

I wrote the second essay ” Connection between the cosmic horizon and the ladder to the hypersphere” in the spirit of my travels in Greece and North Africa. The philosophical inspirations are presented in the first chapter of the book dedicated to ancient astronomies, covering the classical period, Hesiod and Greek mythology, the Ptolemaic period up to the renaissance.

For the writing of the chapter on ancient astronomy, I referred to some on my notes, my visits to the British museum, and travels in South America.

Did you find anything in your research that surprised you?

Yes, quite few things surprised me.

For example, the finding of an elementary formula for Planck’s constant, a fundamental constant of physics, that matches so closely the actual measurements. A large portion of the tiny difference between the predicted Planck’s value from formula and measurements, can be explained by the relativistic effect of the electron, i.e. by a mass gap adjustment of the electron.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

​​​I had new ideas coming. I recently added a new chapter to my book, which now has 7 chapters. This chapter is dedicated to the Hubble’s constant. It’s main contribution is the derivation of a formula for the Hubble’s constant from the time-invariant Schrodinger’s equation.

The Hubble’s formula matches most accurate measurements of the constant, and provides some insights on Hubble’s law from a quantum perspective.

My ambition is that “Kelvin and the Age of the Universe” be a reference for quantum astronomy.

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This booklet is a compilation of texts from the author covering a variety of themes as the cosmic-distance duality, the cosmological ladder, quantum electrodynamics, the connection between Bohr model and Larmor formula, the ladder to the hypersphere, the connection between the cosmic horizon and Bohr radius, ring theory, etc.

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