There’s No Basketball on Mars

There’s No Basketball On Mars by Craig Leener is an endearing story told from the perspective of Sherman Lawrence Tuckerman, an extremely intelligent young man who is making his way through life exceptionally well after being diagnosed with autism. Following his daily routines and interactions you get a wonderful insight into how he sees the world. Then one day his routine is interrupted for one of the best reasons, his dream of being on the first manned space mission to Mars, might just become a reality.

The imagination that has gone into this story is exemplary, especially when it is combined with the multitude of facts about space, math and how people on a certain part of the autistic spectrum view day to day life. This is one of the most amazing parts of this book, the perspective the reader gets to see. It is extremely educational for all who read it, and I would imagine quite motivational for anyone who may also be diagnosed with autism. One way this book may help is for them to see how the protagonist, Sherman, is aware of elements of his autism, which is expressed in lines such as ‘anxious I get in social situations and how much I resist variations to my established routine’ and then how he overcomes, or deals with these situations, sometimes with help from others.

There’s No Basketball On Mars is a riveting science fiction story aimed at young adults and Craig Leener has been innovative with both the story line and the narrative. The way the chapters are written keeps the reader engaged in the story. The chapters are short but chock-full of information. Sherman’s direct views also color the chapters and add much emotional depth when he writes notes or expresses his direct opinion of the situations he faces.

There’s No Basketball On Mars is a feel good story with a charming character at its center. I enjoyed reading this insightful sci-fi book as it provided a fresh character driven plot. This is an emotionally-resonant and intellectually invigorating story that I highly recommend.

Pages: 320 | ASIN: B09XJQ4K35

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