Tapestry: A Lowcountry Rapunzel

Tapestry: A Lowcountry Rapunzel, written by Sophia Alexander, is the second book in her Silk Trilogy series. However, this book stands on its own and will captivate readers from the opening pages.

Gaynelle and Vivian are two sisters being raised by their stepmom, Jessie. They live on a family farm in rural South Carolina, sheltered from most of modern society. There is fear of men being drafted into fighting in World War I and the Spanish flu taking loved ones away. Vivian is often sick, and Jessie thrives on doting on her as if she were her own blood. Meanwhile, Jessie hates everything about Gaynelle. In her eyes, Gaynelle embodies everything from her husband’s first wife that she hated.

When Vivian is sent away to recover from her mysterious illness, Gaynelle struggles at home alone. Gaynelle wants to make friends and doesn’t understand why she can not be friends with the Black family next door. She falls in love with a summer farmhand working with her father only to end up pregnant, turning her already dysfunctional family even more on end.

This astonishing novel grabs readers in the first chapter and takes them on a journey that makes it impossible to put the book down. The characters are well developed. Even the minor characters stand out for their parts in this novel. The characters are my favorite part of this novel. Jessie, the evil stepmom, is crazy and will do anything to achieve the dream she has imagined in her head. As the story progresses, her nefarious personality comes out slowly, but the actual depth of her devious plot unfolds shockingly.

Gaynelle is an innocent character many can relate to, wanting the fairytale love. Believing her true love could rescue her from her situation if only he knew what was happening. She is a sweet character that readers will want to see bloom into a strong woman. Her older sister Vivian takes her under her wing when she moves into the town. Vivian thrives in town, picking up the latest in fashion and politics. The emergence of women’s rights plays a vital part in Vivan’s personality.

This engaging novel takes readers into the mind of two young women coming of age in the 1920s and realizing they have more potential than just being farmwives. It also takes readers into the twisted mind of a woman that will stop at nothing to take what she believes she is owed in life. The multiple viewpoints in the narration allow readers to get to know the characters through their own minds and those around them.

Tapestry: A Lowcountry Rapunzel is a dramatic coming of age and family saga novel exploring the 1920’s women rights movement through the eyes of two young women and the romance of unrequited love. This novel will entertain readers with captivating dialog and the mystery of what other secrets this family hold.

Pages: 226 | ASIN : B095DYHDDJ

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