A Way Out Of A Living Nightmare

Ken Fry Author Interview

Drunks is a realistic novel following the passionate but tragic relationship of an alcoholic couple that is struggling with their demons. Why was this an important story for you to tell?

It was important for me to tell because of my own experiences and that of others I knew.. Many of the events in DRUNKS did occur. There are a few that didn’t but overall many who have read it have been able to relate to it. That was and is important to tell and does show a way out of a living nightmare.

I appreciated how raw and authentic your characters felt. What were some ideas that were important for you to capture in your characters?

Ideas that passed through my mind were to depict in some way the stealthy degradation that alcoholism inflicts on its victims. In doing so, it reveals the levels to which many descend into, causing them to act violently, cruelly, without compassion, and often criminally. Through Al and Chrissy, i wanted to reveal those traits.

What were some themes that you wanted to explore in this novel?

A major theme was that if you really want something you will get it. If you are in trouble there is always help to be found. Al realised he was in deep deep trouble but found help. He only had to ask. Chrissy surrendered and what she wanted was to drink and she found help in that sad direction mixing with wino’s, drunks, and down and outs. There’s an old adage, ‘birds of a feather flock together.’ Both Al and Chrissy bear witness to that.

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2022 Literary Titan Gold Award Winner

A realistic drama about the deep, consuming, relentless and compulsive passion between an alcoholic couple struggling with their own demons.

It’s multi-award-winning author Ken Fry like you’ve never read him before. Reminiscent of Days of Wine and Roses — a poignant story of a doomed triangle between a man, a woman, and alcohol.

My name is Alan Markham, and this all happened a while ago, but the memories don’t go away. Looking back, I can see that our lives had been carried along like a rudderless ship in a storm. The life we had is gone. It sank beneath the ocean waves and I was powerless to prevent that.

I’m controlling my problem, but I’m under no illusions. I could come apart at the seams any time… should I pick up a drink.

My memories of what it was like for my wife Chrissy and I, have become a blurred recollection. They hurt. But I need that pain to remind me of what I was and how I got to my present state.

I owe her that, at least.

Are you in control of that glass or bottle you’re holding?
That’s what Chrissy and I thought so too…

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