The Intuitive Detective

From the title, you might think that Stacey Webb’s The Intuitive Detective is a 1950’s Hollywood B-movie. On the contrary, though, it’s a captivating memoir by successful police detective, Stacey Webb, that catalogues her life and times when she was guided by her intuition — whether she chose to listen to it or not. 

The reliance on instinct by professional investigators has become legendary among fictional characters, from Sherlock Holmes tracking down murders to the alien-chasers Mulder and Scully. Webb unashamedly credits her intuition with leading her to answers she might otherwise have discounted. Something is certainly working for her, considering she has developed a successful career and has been promoted to the level of detective in spite of being a woman and raising her children at the same time.

The Intuitive Detective isn’t all about Webb’s police work, either. A kind of sixth sense guides her in her personal life, too. For example, she recounts a time when she was involved in a serious car accident. Thanks to the guidance of her inner voice, before crashing she manages to take some precautions that ensure she is easily found and even walks away from the battered car uninjured. Subsequently people told her that her dead father somehow protected her from harm on that occasion — a comforting belief that’s common when people survive difficult circumstances when it looks like they shouldn’t. But Webb doesn’t subscribe to that, saying, “Several people said my dad was looking out for me that day. But what I believe was that I was listening to my intuition.”

The Intuitive Detective is an engrossing memoir that Webb has conveniently structured to make it easy to dip in and out. This is an inspiring and intimate look into a fascinating person’s life that will appeal to readers who like their true crime with a spiritual twist.

Pages: 170 | ASIN: B09X9VYMVT

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