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Reach Your Dreams

Reach Your Dreams is eloquently written by Alice Chan to help us uncover our true selves by leaning into becoming more of what we are born to be: the creators of our own reality. “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” This is the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that the author opens this fantastic book with. It is the base by which her book is founded. It teaches readers to trust the Universe or God, whatever name they would like to give it.

Alice Chan gives readers a refreshing and honest perspective to creating a beautiful, passionate, and inspired life. In a gentle yet firm voice, Chan tells readers how to remove the barriers in their life that keep them from being the best that they can be, even if it is themselves. She helps readers learn precisely how to tap into their potential and celebrate the life they create while reaching for their dreams.

She provides five steps that will give readers the best chance at success. The steps she elaborates on in her book are: releasing limiting beliefs, envisioning the life you want, acting on inner guidance, celebrating the good in your life, and honoring the current you. Each of these essential steps detailed in this through-provoking self-help book Alice Chan will help readers realize their potential.

This is the perfect book for anyone who’s ever felt scared or afraid of not making the necessary changes in their life to be successful. Reach Your Dreams gives readers the tools to picture and gain clarity on their dreams, release fear and doubt, and take inspired action towards their personal truth. Alice Chan truly helps readers regain the confidence to go after their dreams, allowing them to take control of their lives and live it the way they have always deserved.

Reach Your Dreams is an encouraging and inspiring self-help book. This book is truly an insightful and practical guide to living a life not only of your own creation but a life that is fun, fulfilling, exciting, and made entirely by you!

Pages: 204 | ASIN : B07957MQQ7

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Learning to Dance in the Rain II

Learning to Dance in the Rain Ii: Surviving Grief, Internet Dating and Romance Scams! by [Shelby Wagner]

Learning to Dance in the Rain II: Surviving Grief, Internet Dating and Romance Scams! tells the author’s personal story about her own life experiences, but it is also intended to be a self-help guide to assist others who are going through a similar experience avoid the mistakes that the author encountered. The book explores several different issues following the loss of a spouse, including grieving your loss, deciding whether to remain single or beginning to date again, with a focus on internet dating and how to avoid romance scams online.

The author offers some good tips to help readers who have suffered a loss find ways to cope and work through the grieving process. Although this book is geared toward older women who have lost their husband, many of the suggestions in the first part of the book can be helpful to readers of any age or gender who have lost a loved one. Several of the exercises in the book can be applied to anyone who needs guidance in finding themselves and their worth, and many of the strategies for dealing with rejection can be used not just in an individual’s personal life but in other aspects of their life, as well. I liked how the author was willing to open up and share the details of her own mistakes in order to help others avoid making the same mistakes that she did. And I liked the inclusion of the exercises, which help readers to apply the principles in the book to their own life and situation.

The author cites many expert sources throughout the book, but I would have appreciated it if the numbered footnote information appeared on the bottom of the appropriate page. With an abundance of exclamation points in the beginning of the book and some repetition throughout, though sometimes distracting, it shows the authors passion and brings attention to important points that need to be emphasized.

Learning to Dance in the Rain II, by Shelby Wagner, shares a fascinating life story that will inspire readers to continue through grief and loss. The thought-provoking lessons shared throughout Shelby Wagner’s uplifting story will motivate readers to come to terms with their loss, recover, and create a new life for themselves. This is a refreshing memoir that provides some critical coping and life skills that will stay with you long after you put the book down.

Pages: 200 | ASIN: B08S3CGMD6

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A Powerful Story To Tell

Author Interview
Forest Hutter Author Interview

The Prodigal Father follows a man who lost his wife and his faith and slowly learns that God can do anything and no one is past saving. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

My primary inspiration for the redemption story is from my own life and my struggles with God. There have been times in my own life where I have strayed and felt as though I had wondered beyond a place of being found. My childhood with an abusive parent fed into many life problems that I faced including my own struggles with alcohol and feelings of abandonment. I realized no matter how far I felt I had run or how unworthy I felt I had become, God had never left my side and waited patiently for me through it all.

Tom is an intriguing and well developed character. What were some driving ideals behind his character’s development?

When I originally started writing the story I thought that Eli was going to be my main character. Within only 2 chapters of the original version I realized that Tom had a powerful story to tell because it was real and raw and I knew people would connect with a lot of the complex feelings and changes he faced. I wanted to be honest with myself and readers about how we can start out with the greatest intentions and life can twist us up. I wanted to show that even though we can travel a dark path it doesn’t mean we have to be a bad person forever. Oftentimes who we have been can cast such a large shadow over what we can become that we feel like we don’t deserve to change. I wanted to write about Tom in a way that showed all his flaws and showed he was aware of them, then I wanted to show the struggle of overcoming the flaws and CHOOSING to accept them and ask forgiveness and truly move forward for the sake of others and not ourselves.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Something that was very important for me was to show what happens behind closed doors in families. Often what we see in public can be drastically different from what goes on in private. My own childhood seemed to be split into public life and family life and keeping the secrets of what happens when no one can see. While my siblings and I had a drastically harsher upbringing compared to what I wrote in the book I wanted people to feel some of the feelings from both the perspective of the abused child as well as from the abusive parent. I did not want to write Tom as a complete villain so I did not make some of the harder chapters nearly as intense as my own experiences, but I did want people to feel uncomfortable and dissect how it made them feel about his actions.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I am not currently writing another book. I have a few ideas but I do not start writing until the idea hasn’t left my head for several months. I had the idea for this book in my head for almost a year before I started writing because I wanted to see if the idea would be good enough to stay with me. I often write poetry or short stories but I do not publish them.

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When his oldest son was born, Tom had stopped drinking completely. Now with two children and his wife, he had closed the chapter on that part of his story.

Life was never simple or easy for Tom, but he had all he needed to get him through it. Until he didn’t.

In the blink of an eye, he lost the person he loved more than anything… the one thing that always made him a better man, and his reason for everything that he did in life. His wife and soulmate, Emily. Along with her went his faith in a caring God.

The pain of losing Emily was too much to bear, and he found himself consumed by more darkness than he could handle on his own. He became unrecognizable as a father and a man, and each day continued down a path that there was no coming back from, or so he thought.

Even though Tom believed God had truly abandoned him and there was no way to make it Home, Tom learned that we are never alone and there is nothing God cannot do.

In an amazing and emotional story of hope, heartbreak and redemption, Tom’s story shows us that there is always a way back Home and nobody is ever past saving…

The Mountains We Climb

Anthony Baisden’s The Mountains We Climb offers readers incredible hope for their futures. As self-help books go, Baisden’s work is a true standout. His book has it all, from teaching readers to embrace the pain they encounter in their day-to-day lives to focusing on the vision they have for their lives. From cover to cover, Baisden uses a conversational tone to capture readers’ attention and keep them thoroughly engaged in his life story.

While Baisden’s work is short in terms of length, it is filled with genuinely invaluable information and advice. The author knows of which he speaks–the examples he gives from his own life are relevant, relatable, and memorable. He opens up about how he had no clue what he wanted from life at a young age. He shares his indecisiveness and even his complete lack of any direction for his future. Teens and young adults will find this relatable and draw them into the rest of the book. Its short length makes it ideal for young readers.

Readers will read about the pain Baisden experienced in his past that he openly shares. He is raw, honest, and totally forthcoming with every aspect of his history. His pain has impacted his life in many ways, and the fact that he is willing to share will stick with readers far past the last page.

There is an incredibly positive tone to all of Baisden’s advice. From his most painful experiences to his honesty about his own struggle with failures, he keeps his head up while successfully encouraging readers to do the same. It is easy to feel his positive energy radiating through his words. The lesson of, bad things happen but that does not mean you have a bad life, is presented to readers, not in a preaching manner but rather in a coaching manner.

The Mountains We Climb is a thought-provoking self-help book that teens and young adults will relate to. Young adults will also find this new-age motivational style a source of inspiration.

Pages: 52 | ASIN : B08VGCS984

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This book delivers to readers all that encompasses the meaning of the two central terms laid out in the subtitle Flying: A Book of Provocative Poetry. Divided into six strands of thoughts, author Patricia Mortenson glides her rhymes between politics, love, health, family, and more. The author of Flying seeks to lead us to critical thinking about various social conflicts and reflect on the paths we take in our lives and the choices we make, which is evident in poems like “Too Many Choices.”

Mortenson’s reflections push us to think about the consequences of our actions, not only for our future but also for the world and the people we love. In one of her poems, she shows a simplistic view regarding decision-making. This example has only two options; however, what encompasses making that decision is what makes them much more complex and is the most challenging part of the process.

As the compelling rhymes flow and the author’s ponderous thoughts are laid out, the reader’s feeling is one of conflict. Mortenson uses her poetry to create an emotional response because emotions will lead to reflection and that can and will be uncomfortable at times.

Flying is a collection of poetry presented in a manner that readers will feel like they are having a conversation with the author. This feeling is productive from the point of view that when you read there is an exchange, she gives readers her knowledge and her doubts, readers stop to think about and attribute to what was read our point of view according to our experiences.

Flying A Book of Provocative Poetry provides readers with a thought-provoking experience. The poems encourage self-reflection and critical thinking about the choices made in life. This astonishing collection will captivate and enthrall readers for lovers of intimate poetry.

Pages: 310 | ASIN : B0936N8CVZ

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Organic eMotions

Organic eMotions is a thoughtful poetry collection by Lali A. Love. In the opening section, the author presents a myriad of emotions that emphasize the mighty force within every individual; the raw power held within the Divine Feminine is one of the recurring themes which the author majestically illustrates with her verses. The following section, Emotional Vortex, focuses on intrusive feelings and their impacts on one’s well being. The third part is entitled Clarity and contrasts the negative emotions that are introduced in the pieces from the former section with insights on solidarity and human nature. Especially touching are the validation of one’s journey in Reciprocity and the dismantling of virile stereotypes in Divine Masculinity, as well as the positive affirmations throughout the latter poems in this part. Finally, Purity paints several tranquil pictures – from the cleansing provided by a running current in Water to the grounding and sensible words in Complete Being – that illustrate its namesake.

This stirring piece of literature is a fantastic read for those seeking a rousing and incredibly relatable poetry anthology that reminisces of Rupi Kaur and Amanda Lovelace. The cheerful, upbeat attitude conveyed in the collection will feel familiar to readers who struggle with daily life issues such as anxiety and insecurity, as well as collective problems that permeate modern society.

Readers will be thoroughly refreshed with Lali’s contagious positivity, a welcome surprise that, more than once, drew an inconspicuous smile on my lips. Delight, one of the final poems, perfectly conveys the uplifting power of this book.

Furthermore, one cannot fail to mention the masterful paradox that is constantly approached as a central motif in several moments in this collection: Lali notes how small humankind is when compared to the vastness of the universe, while also praising the universe within every person.

Organic eMotions is a simple but vastly compelling read that is sure to appeal to readers of all ages who seek a gateway from the routine and a dash of positivity.

Pages: 208 | ASIN : B09LTJ469Z

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Addicted to Health

In her book Addicted to Health: Going with God to Break Free from a Health-Obsessed Culture, Victoria P. Davis preaches about healthy eating and healthy living in a different way. The author talks about societal norms, dieting, good health fused with faith and belief in God. The content in this book is far from the usual health advice that we read about every day. Victoria P. Davis shares proven ways in which readers can lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

Victoria P. Davis invites readers into her world, and shares her wins, challenges and the battles she has fought. She uses examples from her interactions with family and friends to show how God has been faithful to her and why it is possible to beat every challenge in life if you have faith. For someone that battled and won the fight with Tourette’s Syndrome, skin issues, and hormonal imbalances among other things, Victoria P. Davis sure is an inspiration to many. Her life is a true testament to the fact that nothing is impossible if you are determined.

One thing stands out in this inspirational self-help book; it is how she writes about the various topics and blends mini-topics in every chapter. Addicted to Health has three parts, each covering crucial topics that are somehow related. The first part of the book covers topics on health addiction, health obsession and different views on health. In the second part of the book, Victoria P. Davis tells her story and gets personal. There is a lot to learn just by reading stories of people that have gone through challenges that not many openly talk about. Victoria P. Davis’s writing style shows her compassion for others and their unique situations. When reading about steps to freedom and leading others to freedom, one can realize that the author is a kind soul that does not mind helping those in need.

Addicted to Health will restore your faith in humanity even as you work on your healthy living. The author’s words will also help you live righteously. The text in the book is well written and arranged in a meaningful and easy to follow manner.

Pages: 139 | ASIN : ‎ B096L68VL9

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10 Steps to Help You Get on with Your Life

Life is a series of peaks and pits. One day you are down, the next you are up. But then amidst those who leave you and those who love you is life’s interesting journey. Often, when something happens to break us, we have no idea where to start. We want to curl up in a ball and protect ourselves from the world. This book is a step-by-step guide not just for getting through the difficult parts but coming out on the other side stronger and with more wisdom. It is a roadmap to finding God and holding on to God’s grace when you need it most.

Author Mary Dunbar is very realistic about the human condition. She knows that human beings are prone to being angry with God when things start to go bad. She urges the reader to remain steadfast in prayer and frequently consult the word. She is not condescending and is fully understanding on everything life can take you through.

The author also recognizes that prayer may not be enough. She advises on the importance of watching who you relate with. Some people are only meant to be in your life momentarily. Through God’s grace, you can realize that. She also advises readers to do something to accompany the prayers. If you want to get out of the hole, you can pray to get a ladder but you would have to climb out yourself.

The author has created a brief yet insightful and incredibly useful set of lifehacks. Rarely do people mix prayer and proactivity when giving advice. Hers is a full dimensional tutorial on how to overcome the various obstacles that life presents. This inspiring self-help book is written in very simple language that anyone can understand. Her writing is conversational. The author is seeking to help people who often find themselves having trouble moving on from hurt and disappointments.

10 Steps to Help You Get on with Your Life by Mary Dunbar is a motivational and thought-provoking book that is different from the average self-help book. The information is broken up by poems that are entertaining and expressive, providing a well-deserved pause from material that is deeply affective to anyone who reads it. Do not wait for the storm to buy an umbrella. Get your umbrella now and keep it ready for the rainy season. Read this book and pass it along. Share it with someone, let them learn how to overcome too.

Pages: 34 | ASIN : B08XVM11KM

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