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Gentle Shadows Fierce Wings

Gentle Shadows Fierce Wings is a beautiful and thought-provoking collection of poems. Author Nikita Kapoor is ten years old and knows how to express herself clearly and naturally. She begins by saying how war is a wall that divides the world. Then, she demonstrates the need to let go of worries and negative emotions to cherish the calm moments. Among her verses are motivational comments. She even comments on the importance of sharing a point of view and, at the same time, the benefit of taking advantage of the right to remain silent if that makes us feel better. In addition, Nikita Kapoor reflects on hope and belief in oneself, and among all the beautiful thoughts, there are allusions to nature.

You can feel the love and care that Kapoor puts into her writing. The calming images are paintings that complement the poems perfectly. They have energetic colors and transmit a lot of emotion. The author shares a photo of her first poem, written at the age of 5. This inspiring image is one to applaud and admire. The author’s words are sincere and mature, which I would read repeatedly. Nikita Kapoor uses simple language with positive words making this a relatable read for many readers. I appreciated that the topics are positive and focus on the search for pleasurable moments and being oneself.

Nikita Kapoor successfully expresses her creativity and motivates the readers to do the same. I thought Gentle Shadows Fierce Wings was a fabulous book. The author is versatile in the topics she handles. It is a suitable read for anyone who wants to feel encouraged and motivated. This book is well-balanced in terms of words, images, and emotions. Gentle Shadows Fierce Wings is a reading that both children and adults will love, regardless of the level of knowledge about poetry.

Pages: 105 | ASIN : B0BN43KF4F

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Yes I Can!

Yes I Can! Lessons Learned from a Life Less Ordinary is one book that will make you grateful for life and embrace all the world offers. The author shares his personal journey with what society calls developmental disabilities. As you read about Paul Wichansky’s story, you realize that, as human beings, we have a flawed perspective on what we consider normal. Raising a child, or being a child that is born with physical limitations, is not easy. With Paul Wichansky, however, the reader is enlightened on the multiple aspects of disabilities. The author himself is not a fan of the word disability. Paul Wichansky uses different phrases and embraces positivity when writing about his conditions. Paul Wichansky had hearing loss and cerebral palsy when he was young. Naturally, this would take a toll on the average kid but not Paul.

In his book, the author writes in-depth about what living with these conditions was like. Paul clinches on positivity. The author did not write this book to seek pity, nor did he feel sorry for himself. Dr. Wichansky starts the book by giving a little background about himself, writing about his family as he progresses to his later years. I like how the author took a free-style approach when writing. For example, Paul Wichansky could be narrating about his childhood, then in the middle of the paragraph, throws in some scientific information about specific conditions. By writing in this manner, the reader is educated on subjects rarely spoken about while enjoying the beautiful life story of the author.

Many things stand out from the author’s life and his writing. I like that the phrases used, the tales told, and the experience shared all have some positivity in them. Paul is here to help you deal with your sorrowful moments and convert them into happy moments. His life is testimony enough that no matter how difficult things may appear and how many obstacles you may have to overcome, you can still live an accomplished life. One of my favorite quotes from the book is ‘…that optimism can become your access to success’. This phrase makes a good inspirational quote that will keep many readers going.

While reading this book, the reader cannot help but ask themselves specific questions. Why are some things considered normal while others are not? Why are some conditions shunned? Why does society treat people that are differently abled peculiarly? Paul Wichansky answers these and more questions throughout the book. There are many lessons from the author, but the main lesson I got is that having a positive mindset will take you places.

Paul Wichansky has, through the chapters, discussed many crucial topics that will help everyone succeed in life. You learn about having a support group, having the proper perspective, building friendships, and keys to success, among many other topics. The best part of Yes I Can! Lessons Learned from a Life Less Ordinary is the photo section, where the author takes us down memory lane with his beautiful photos of family and friends.

Pages: 206 | ASIN : B0BJW1YKLH

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Poetry To Ponder

Poetry To Ponder: Spread The News!-There’s A Reason for Singing by Joy Walker is a thought-provoking and heartwarming collection of poems, songs, prayers, and descriptions that provide a unique perspective on the Christmas season. This book serves as a personal devotion and spiritual revival and encourages readers to examine themselves and their relationship with God. Through the story of Christmas and the birth of Christ, readers will find that they are forming a deeper relationship with God. With a touch of vulnerability and personal stories, Walker’s poems capture the essence of humanity in all its frailty and need of a savior.

I found this book to be uplifting and a joy to read. Walker is proud of her faith, and her collection will be a great encouragement for those who are looking to walk in the confidence of their beliefs and convictions. Her contemporary writing style makes the story of Christmas fresh and fascinating, and her empathy and understanding will resonate with readers who may feel otherwise.

Poetry To Ponder is a treasure to read, providing many meditative readings for individuals seeking personal devotion, revival, and spiritual artistry. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to grow in faith, hope, devotion, understanding, humility, boldness, and love. While this collection would be especially moving when read during the anticipation of the Christmas season, it can be read at any time and still provoke a stirring of the heart.

Pages: 156 | ASIN : B0BQWZS3Q9

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Seasons of Life

Whether they are positive or negative, we all have similar stages and relationships in our lives. Throughout this collection of short poems in Seasons of Life, we can see ourselves as a child blowing out a candle on a birthday cake or enjoying a game of America’s favorite pastime: baseball. From playing with dolls to high school graduation, from flying a kite to eating chocolate pudding, someone can relate.

Seasons of Life by Susan McLeod is an inventory of McLeod’s life. She has devoted a poem to each of the seasons, experiences, and family members that she felt was worthy enough of such devotion. The images harken back to a simpler time when families all went to the beach for the summer, to the drive-in movies at night, and to the fair in the fall. Each moment is bathed in a cheery light that makes one smile.

The simplicity of the language within this collection of poems makes it accessible to a broader range of readers. McLeod’s description of her life through poetry will also capture the interest of younger and older readers alike. Younger readers will delight in the simplistic imagery of experiences that they may have had recently gone through themselves. Older readers will look back fondly on milestones in McLeod’s life that may take them back to their childhood.

Seasons of Life, by Susan McLeod, offers readers bite-sized poems that do not intimidate with complex imagery and vocabulary. Readers may pick it up at their leisure, flip to any page, and enjoy a poem in their spare time. I highly recommend this book for anyone willing to reminisce about the “good ol’ days” with nothing but feelings of positivity, unity, and harmony to create a similar mood within the reader.

Pages: 52 | ISBN : 1639887113

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Embrace is the second book in Sonee Singh’s poetry collection. It is based largely on the mantra of the eastern part of the world’s take on spirituality – exploring the values of gratitude throughout its entirety, urging the reader to stop, reflect and embrace all that is around them. Singh has divided the book into 12 sections. It has been done so intentionally, for she believes it to be Twelve, a master number that deals with self-expression, representing cycles of life. It coincides with the opening poem ‘Cycles,’ a reflective interpretation of the role of the celestial forces and how they manifest on earth.

The illustrations are woven throughout, adding to the quality of the author’s writing. This is done by creating a medium of inspiration through splashes of watercolor and delicate line drawings – a backdrop of vividness adding to the flavor of Singh’s influential words, whether about exploring self-identity, transformation, or connectivity with the six senses. A particular focus on the decision to use certain colors for specific sections should not be overlooked; it is a strategic and well-executed play on the reader’s mind that associates color psychology with the messages delicately seeded throughout Singh’s work.

Embrace by Sonee Singh is an outstandingly powerful piece of writing. From its inception, a narrative is generated, oozing a unique sense of inclusivity that there is little-to-no chance of anyone picking up this book and not being able to relate it to their own life. The concluding poem ‘All There Is’ will leave you inspired and feeling like you are in control of your own life. Be kind to yourself and trust that the path you are on is exactly where you are meant to be. I Highly recommend this book to readers needing a gentle reminder to embrace their authentic selves and love themselves.

Pages: 236 | ASIN : B09WCZ73TT

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Rachel’s Reunion

Rachel had enjoyed her employment at Calumet castle and was even more thrilled to be hired at the New Frontenac Hotel by the same couple. The hotel provided the height of luxury and experiences for wealthy patrons traveling the Thousands of Islands. She was both blessed and thankful to be a part of it all. However, what was meant to be an idyllic summer focused on work quickly turned troublesome when an old flame sailed into the scene. Mitch reminded her of the time they shared and the future they could have had…before he disappeared without a word two years prior. Could they rekindle that love? Moreso, did Rachel even want to?

Rachel’s Reunion by Susan G. Mathis is another of her beautifully written Thousand Islands stories. Many of the author’s stories follow a similar path with their plots, but that doesn’t lessen the book’s charm. Mathis paints a picture of the Thousand Islands, leaving the reader with little doubt about the area’s beauty and infusing her stories with history and real-to-life characters that encourage further exploration of the subjects. With that said, this is probably one of the best of the collection so far. In addition to the scenic location, the main characters in Rachel’s Reunion have much more depth than in her previous books. The path still ends at the same destination, but Mathis makes the journey much more interesting by mixing up the usual antagonists and conflicts.

Faith is a central theme in the book, but with Rachel being a more well-rounded heroine than others, maturity, and independence are well-visited ideas. Rachel communicates appropriately at most times and consistently ponders whether the things she wanted two years ago still align with the path she wants to follow now. The additional characters are well-developed, which provides more support than the occasion’s well-intentioned advice. They exist as part of the environment, not just as tools to interact with the main character. Overall, the book added plenty of substance without removing what makes the Thousand Islands books unique.

Rachel’s Reunion is an enjoyable romantic historical fiction novel that gives readers well-written and relatable characters with interesting conflict and tension. In the previous Thousand Islands stories I’ve read, the Islands themselves seem to take the spot as the main character. This one was different, and it worked wonders. I’ve enjoyed all the books in the series, but this one was by far the best I’ve read yet!

Pages: 182 | ASIN : B0BC29QY62

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Naomi’s Journey Into the Light

Naomi’s Journey Into the Light is a story about Naomi Larson, a woman whose life encounters are both intriguing and inspiring. Naomi may seem like the typical girl next door, but her life is a testimony that God exists and loves his people. The author starts the book on a relatively sad note as the reader is introduced to 18-year-old Naomi, who has just learned that her mother is fatally ill. Now, this would be distressing for any child. However, mothers are pillars in most homes, and for Naomi, her mother being sick and possibly having a short time to live frightened her. It was unfortunate that her mother later passed on, but in her passing, Naomi came to understand some things that she was previously oblivious to.

Author Sam Rawlins writes about Naomi in the most natural way. As a reader, you feel you have met Naomi or can relate to some of her stories. Naomi’s life was not extraordinary life, but she was different. A lot of things happened after the loss of her mother. She encountered challenges, met good friends, met people who appeared to be guardian angels, and even found her path to God. Naomi also worked as a chaplain assistant in a hospice, which revealed to her the true purpose she had on this earth, among other things. Through Naomi’s story, Sam Rawlins can show readers how to realize their true purpose on earth, the journey of faith, and why religion is crucial for everyone.

As the author narrates Naomi’s and other peoples’ tales, the reader can pick lifetime lessons, notes on spirituality, and how to lead a righteous life. I especially like Sam Rawlins’s writing style, as he is charming and entertaining. Even as he writes about God, faith, hope, and being Christ’s soldiers, the author incorporates light moments in the text to make the reading exciting. Through the book, one realizes that we have often encountered God differently. You have probably met God through your work, at school, and in different seasons in your life, but you have no idea when it happened. I appreciate the author for making us reflect on our daily encounters and helping Christians strengthen their faith in God through the sacred text in his book. Every chapter in the book has a crucial lesson on finding the light and becoming a true child of God. Like Naomi, most Christians go through experiences that they may not fully comprehend at first but understand in the future.

Naomi’s Journey Into the Light is an inspirational book that takes readers on a spiritual journey. This well-written book will be an excellent read for believers aiming to live fulfilling lives, those facing obstacles, Christians battling spiritual wars, and those wanting to do missionary work. Sam Rawlins is a fantastic author with gems on spirituality, believing, and being God’s servants.

Pages: 176 | ASIN : B0B2374T8L

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Godly Riddims

Godly Riddims by Dianne Lindsay is an uplifting and inspiring book that portrays God’s love and devotion through riddims and melody. The author excellently weaves faith, praise, and worship with the musicality of riddims to create a one-of-a-kind and captivating reading experience. The idea of the book is the show God’s nature and character, emphasizing his love, mercy, and grace toward us. It also encourages readers to consider their relationship with God and to seek a deeper understanding of his will and purpose for their lives.

The book takes a poetic approach, encouraging readers to incorporate praise and worship into their lives. Lindsay intersperses personal anecdotes and testimonies of God’s greatness in her life throughout the book. She uses these rich illustrations to share her views of how God can work in people’s lives and hopefully bring hope and healing. While the book is written for a faith-based audience, it is also beautifully written and aims to inspire readers.

The author uses poetic and evocative language to capture the reader’s attention. I noticed it also contains some inspirational verses from the Bible that are meant to help boost the overall impact of the book’s message. It was a motivational book, and I couldn’t help being wowed at the author’s level of creativity in writing these powerful riddims.

I believe readers looking for faith-based inspiration and encouragement to explore their faith and devotion to God will enjoy this book and consider it a must-read. It’s a book I would highly recommend, Godly Riddims by Dianne Lindsay, to Christians who want to deepen their relationship with God and motivate them to give praise to God every day.

Pages: 215 | ASIN : B0BTFKZNZT

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