Paradise 69

When Scarlett De Santis and her friends planned an exciting trip as a celebration for finishing school, they didn’t know all they would have to go through. Scarlett, Vittoria, Adrianna and Giuliana are only eighteen, but they’re all looking for some reckless partying and to wildly enjoy themselves. They believe they are ready to experiment with their sexualities and can’t wait to meet new foreign men that will awaken their deepest fantasies. As they meet a bunch of mysterious rich and powerful men that are dying to hang out with them they can’t believe their luck, but soon they realize that not everything is as it seems.

This steamy romance novel grips readers from the start, as they wonder what it is that these girls are going to end up discovering on their trip. They are all chaotic, except perhaps Scarlett, who seems to be a bit more innocent. This characteristic will lead our main characters toward dangerous situations, as they desperately look forward to catching the gaze of hot men.

The location of the trip is the Tahiti Island. A paradise where any girl’s wild fantasies can materialize. However, the tone of the story soon becomes darker as more serious themes are dealt with such as sexual abuse and exploitation. The story takes some unexpected twists that were intriguing and kept me engaged.

The characters were charmed by everything going on around them and were not afraid to jump straight into risky situations, controlled at all times by lust and a deep wish to experiment with new things as they stepped into adulthood. The naivety of teen girls is illustrated throughout the entire story, bringing to light the always present predator that hides in the shadows awaiting his next victim.

While the characters are beguiling, I was left wanting to know more about their motivations. Some of the girls didn’t seem to make a distinction between what is harmless fun and what is abuse and exploitation. By the end, the line is blurred and the girls, possessed by lust, can’t wait for their new adventure. Will they fully enjoy their trip as their wildest fantasies come true, or will they have to come to terms with the harsh realities of the exploitative nature of things?

This is a thought-provoking novel with poignant themes and an alluring plot. The author plays with sexual fantasies and exploitation, forcing readers to wonder what happens when some things go too far. Paradise 69 by Ed Silva is a captivating novel that will quickly be devoured by romance readers looking for an intense and carnal story.

Pages: 289 | ASIN: B0B3S9R1NT

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