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Literary Titan Book Awards September 2021

The Literary Titan Book Awards are awarded to books that have astounded and amazed us with unique writing styles, vivid worlds, complex characters, and original ideas. These books deserve extraordinary praise and we are proud to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and imagination of these talented authors.

Gold Award Winners

Literary Titan Silver Book Award

Silver Award Winners

La Florida by James D. Snyder

My Hidden Fear by Luan Nguyen


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Sins of Chaos – Book Trailer

As the Breedline species—a race of humans born with special powers and the gift to change into wolf form—finally destroy Dr. Hubert Crane and his unholy creation of Breedline hybrids, they are faced with something far more dangerous… and deadly. When widespread reports of gruesome attacks on homeless victims sweep across Berkeley California and the San Francisco Bay area, two local human Detectives are desperate to catch whoever is responsible for the disturbing and heinous crimes. But… they are not prepared for what they discover when they encounter three malevolent supernatural beings called… the Fury.

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Illyia (The Feigned Moon of Entiria Epic Serial Book 2)

Illyia (The Feigned Moon of Entiria Epic Serial Book 2) by [E.A. Bagby]

Episode 2 of The Feigned Moon of Entiria Epic Serial, Illya, by E.A. Bagby is a fantasy book set in the Deo Forest, a place known as the mortal realm and believed to be the middle way between earth and sky. After Giels and his friends come back from their journey on the underworld, they have to deal with the repercussions of their discoveries and the curiosity of their tribe. While Erikal, Meritus, Cleo and Alana start to interact with the community and create new and exciting possibilities for the Deo tribe, Giels has to undergo the pressure of his training to become lead storyteller all the while suspecting he might be going mad.

The protagonist’s doubts about his beliefs after the events of the first book set up the theme of the narrative, the clash between the council, chained to tradition, and the young characters, hungry for answers and new ways of living. Giels’ journey to understand himself and what he wants is really easy to empathize with. I was sometimes mad with his clinginess to tradition, and other times happy when he realized the silliness of his actions and the world around him. I would have appreciated this same depth provided to the other characters in the story.

The setting is very different from other novels, with a blend of tribal culture, fantasy elements and science fiction. The way the cultural elements are explained enrich the world and make you want to know more. The writing throughout the novel is superb, the story is constantly moving forward while the descriptions of locations are left to the readers imagination.

The Feigned Moon of Entiria provides an engaging mythology, while also providing an exploration of the conflict between myth/tradition and science/technology. I’m curious about what’s coming next, and I bet after you read it you will be too.

Pages: 150 | ASIN: B0979GD31H

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Indie Saint

Indie Saint, by author VK Fox, is a captivating urban fantasy story that follows Jane, a girl trying to run away from her past. Doing so gets much easier when she develops the power to heal and channel lightning from the sky after reading a book about Catholic saints throughout history. It all seems exciting until she realizes using these newfound abilities almost kills her every time. Jane crosses paths with two agents who can give her the answers she’s looking for. Where did these powers actually come from? Why did they happen specifically to her? How can she control them?

Jane is a fascinating character that I loved to follow, especially in this creative urban fantasy world that is imbued with elements of Arthurian and Sumerian myths. The story is punchy but smart. It reminds me of the humorous writing of A. Lee Martinez, especially his book Monster. It also has the enigmatic feel of the Preacher comic series in the way it takes seriously some very paranormal situations. This is a fantasy novel with an attitude and I look forward to seeing that unique character expand throughout the series.

Author VK Fox’s writing is mesmerizing and he certainly knows how to end a chapter, as I was always desperate to read the next. Indie Saint is the first in a series of four new adult fantasy books. Just like the riveting end to nearly every chapter, Fox concluded this piece leaving the reader itching to get their hands on the second book.

While I enjoyed the novel, I wanted more insight into the main villain of the story. All the characters in the story are compelling and entertaining in their own right, I felt like the villain was missing something. But this is probably purposeful as we will surely find out more in the coming novels. 

Indie Saint is a riotously fun book with an intriguing cast of characters facing an imaginative supernatural world that is only hinting at a deeper backstory.

Pages: 262 | ASIN: B08YLVG8HZ

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Backup Offer

Backup Offer (Stewart Realty Book 9) by [Liz Crowe]

Blair Freitag is the owner and head chef of a farm to table restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky. She has plans to expand the restaurant and buy a farm of her own, but everything is put on hold when she returns to Michigan to visit her friend after a medical scare. Blair has not been home in ten years, after a painful breakup. Her ex-boyfriend, Brandis Gordon, a former addict, now runs his family’s construction company. Once Blair is back in Kentucky again, she finds that the contractor she hired to complete the renovation on her restaurant has vanished with the money she paid him and the job only half done. Not knowing where else to turn, she calls Brandis for help. They realize that they still love each other. But can they get past the wounds of their past?

Backup Offer is an emotionally-charged family saga that’s the 9th book in a series, but this book can be read as a standalone story. But for anyone who has read the other books in the series, you’ll see many of the previous characters reappear in Blair and Brandis’s story and have plenty more depth added. I liked that the book had a happy ending, which is great for anyone looking for a feelgood story. After everything Blair and Brandis suffered through while he struggled with the demons of addiction, it was good to see how he was able to turn his life around, and that she was able to forgive him for the mistakes he made in the past. Blair had an interesting occupation as the owner of a farm to table restaurant, and I liked reading the part where Brandis came to Louisville to help her when her former contractor disappeared in the middle of the job.

I felt that Blair and Brandis spent too much time apart throughout the book. Living in two different states, I felt they didn’t have much interaction until almost halfway through the story. And after Brandis helps Blair with her restaurant in Louisville, they are apart again when he returns to Michigan.

There are a few loose ends by the end of the story but, as with any good saga, you are left wanting more and desperate to read the follow up book for answers. Backup Offer is an impassioned contemporary romance novel that feels authentic and keeps things grounded, which makes the drama so much more engrossing.

Pages: 212 | ASIN: B096G5DBGL

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Illyia (The Feigned Moon of Entiria Epic Serial Book 2)

Illyia (The Feigned Moon of Entiria Epic Serial Book 2) by [E.A. Bagby]

Illyia (The Feigned Moon of Entiria Epic Serial) by E. A. Bagby continues the tale of Giels Deo, a son of his community’s leader, a famous Shaman, and a member of a long bloodline. The Deo tribe is set on continuing tradition with their son to strengthen and sustain their family’s future legacy in the community. As Giels had initially dreamed of becoming the tribe’s lead storyteller, he knows there’s a lot of responsibility in this role, though his journey in life took a very different path; one that neither Giels nor his family expected.

The story begins with a quick, enjoyable pace that leads the reader through the adventures of Giels, which take many unexpected turns in the second episode of this series. Giels is determined to follow his goal of becoming the Lead Storyteller while overcoming many obstacles in his path to greatness. Giels encounters other risks, heroic challenges, and adventures along his journey, all while focusing on his longing to be chosen for an essential role in his community.

The author paints a vivid landscape, with fascinating characters, haunted places, and challenges that continually take the reader through Giels’ adventures and his mind, as he both realizes and faces his biggest fears and challenges along his journey. While his focus remains undeterred throughout the story, he faces other feats that he must conquer in his mind when faced with a world of infectious spirits, haunted beings, and places that he must embrace to learn and understand.

As Giels narrates his story, the reader will find the story easy to follow, with a consistent flow of adventure woven into the theme of family responsibility, with various levels of personal and spiritual influence along the way. The story is engaging, especially as Giels discovers that the world he thinks he knows has much more in store for him.

Illyia is a riveting coming of age adventure story that follows a compelling character through an enthralling journey that is relentlessly moving forward. This stirring novel will appeal to readers who enjoy engrossing epic fantasy story with a well conceived backstory and a vivid world.

Pages: 150 | ASIN: B0979GD31H

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Chastity is Me

Holly Brandon
Holly Brandon Author Interview

Life in the Chastity Zone follows a woman’s dashed fairytale life once her fiancé dumps her, and she’s thrown into the wild world of dating. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

My inspiration came from real-life events. My fiancé unexpectedly dumped me. Instead of being devastated, I turned lemons into lemonade and wrote about it. Few of the characters are mergers of two or more men that I’ve met in my past. I must say that I’ve met unique men who left an unforgettable impression on me. I was a senior in high school when I encountered my first adventure with a man I secretly labeled Montana Man. He was tall, dark, and handsome, and I was terrified of flying. It didn’t help that I left on a Delta flight from one of the most dangerous airports because of its topography and weather conditions. I was scared to death. I can still picture him coming up to me in the airport, his smell, his aura, everything, and then those few little words that took me off guard, “I want to sit next to you on the plane.” He was, I’d say, “what dreams are made of,” except that he was a facade—the cover was beautiful, but the inside was a seedy, tainted nightmare. And so began my adventures, which later I put on paper.

Chase is an interesting and well-developed character. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

Chastity is me. I learned a long time ago that it’s worth waiting and fighting for all good things. I wanted readers to see a character who has everything thrown at her but then decides to stick to her guns and fights. In the process, she may come out bruised, but she’s stronger—a survivor.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The one lesson and theme I hope everyone will see is that you can overcome any obstacle thrown your way if you fight hard enough. And never, ever let anyone tell you that your ideas and beliefs are crazy and ridiculous because that’s what makes us all so unique and special. Marriage is extraordinary, and waiting for the right man is worth it, even if you’re a thirty-year-old virgin.

What is the next book that you are working on, and when will it be available?

The next book I am working on is Nothing’s As It Seems, the sequel to Life in the Chastity Zone. Readers can expect to find out what happened to Grant, Vincent, and Jacques-Pierre. They can also expect to see Chastity dive into the working force and the struggles that come with being a woman in a man’s world. There are a lot of unexpected twists and turns in the next book. Can a decision from years ago hinder Chastity’s destiny, or will her blind trust in love lead to a day of reckoning? Find out the answers and more in Nothing’s As It Seems, coming very soon.

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Chastity (Chase) Morgan’s fairytale dreams of everything perfect–career, wedding, marriage, and family–all go by the wayside when her fiancé dumps her for someone else. The thirty-year-old virgin decides to take a trip on the wild side, so to speak, when Roxie, her partner-in-crime cousin, encourages her to get out of her nerdy comfort zone and dive into the world of dating … Roxie-style. It doesn’t help that a nine-year-old psychic relays more information than she can handle. Between the madness and the metaphysical, what unfolds in more bizarre than anything Chase could ever imagine.

Life in the Chastity Zone

Life in the Chastity Zone (Chastity Series Book 1) by [Holly Brandon]

Life in the Chastity Zone by Holly Brandon follows Chastity “Chase” Morgan, who seemingly has it all lined up in front of her: a potential career as a brilliant female structural engineer, an architect fiancé, and a life full of promise. That is, until her fiancé sends her a cryptic text putting their relationship on hold and sending everything Chase holds dear into turmoil. She learns that he’s run off to Vegas and married another man, and to top it all off, she’s saved her virginity for Grant, her now ex—and she’s a 30-year-old virgin.

Chase seems to be hit with disaster after disaster. Her PhD is denied, sending her into a spiral. But her cousin Roxie is ready to lift her up and encourage her to get back into the dating world. As she cycles through a variety of eager men who would like to show her the ropes of a physical relationship, Chase struggles to balance student teaching and a normal life. Women from her teen years show up and complicate everything as they tear Chase down, but she fights through these troubles and attempts to get her life back on track.

I loved the sense of adventure that continued throughout this story. Chase embraces spontaneity, whether it be in the form of a date with a new man or a trip to Paris. Life in the Chastity Zone carries humor throughout the entire story, and author Holly Brandon does a great job of keeping Chase’s story light and fun even as she endures through tough times.

While I enjoyed the humorous tone that many of the characters brought to the table, I thought some, like Alison or Brent, seemed to be overexaggerated. However, the addition of these dramatic characters allowed the story to feel full of life and high stakes. I would have enjoyed more genuine connection within the story but enjoyed Chase’s adventures overall and I loved the developments of her story that followed her trip to Paris.

Life in the Chastity Zone takes readers on a whirlwind ride through Chase’s life and surrounds us with larger-than-life characters who introduce her to a life full of adventure and strange experiences. If you want to feel as if you could travel the world and fall in love a hundred times, this is the perfect book for you.

Pages: 461 | ASIN: B086WV8WGY

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