Stars Aligned

Stars Aligned by Leah Lake tells the story of Emily Moore, a woman grieving over the fact that she gave her daughter, Ivy, up for adoption. She has decided to move to Miami in order to start her life over. Leaving behind an abusive ex-husband, Emily hopes to find happiness in this new place.

Emily finds her dream job at a card and gift store. It is here that she meets Alex Hutchinson. She is drawn to Alex immediately, and after a misunderstanding, they discover there is an attraction between them and decide to see where things can go. Emily feels happy being with Alex but, at times, is not sure what Alex sees in her. He’s young and successful, and she’s just a regular woman without many prospects. What ensues is a rollercoaster ride of love, hurt, misunderstandings, and plenty more.

One of the highlights of this romantic thriller is the character development. Leah Lake has created memorable and interesting characters that are well developed and entertaining. Emily, the protagonist, is sometimes sweet but at times unsure of herself but has moments of confidence. This makes her relatable to many women that struggle with confidence despite being genuine and good at their work. There are times it appears that Emily has a dual personality. Given her past life and the secrets she is hiding, this is not surprising but does enhance the storyline’s drama by never knowing what side of Emily you will see.

Emily’s love interest, Alex, is sweet, loving, passionate, and determined to make Emily his. He’s a powerful man but doesn’t make a habit of flaunting his wealth in a brash way, which is great. Emily’s friends, Molly, Ali, and Tom, are a delight. Always kind, caring, and up for a good time. They keep the story airy but entertaining. When her ex-husband Jason arrives in town, his character adds the thrill of darkness and added suspense, wondering if he is going to destroy everything Emily has worked so hard to build.

The story has dark moments, but I felt they are not touched upon enough. Though interesting, it’s almost as if the darker things are skimmed over. What could have been more a highly suspenseful plotline addition fizzled out into an interesting side story. The hinted-at dark and twisted secrets do add a thrill to the story, and readers will want to find out what Emily is hiding and how this will impact her relationship with Alex.

Stars Aligned as a whole is an exciting and complex story that romantic thriller lovers will want to read. The story has romance, steamy scenes, grit, and a shocking finish.

Pages: 242 | ASIN : B0B78BDD5K

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