Don’t Keep Hiding Your Painful Secrets

Meg Heart Author Interview

Carbon Under Pressure is your memoir of surviving three of the worst years of your life while trying to hold your family together. Why was this an important story for you to share?

Back in 2017 I made a promise that once I supported my daughter through her ordeal, I would do all I could to stop this tragic suicide epidemic we are facing globally.

My story takes you on every step of my journey as I peeled back the layers to reveal a deep, dark secret that had been tormenting my child for longer than I could have imagined. It was not until I discovered her secret that I realised the true impact being silenced has on our mental health. I knew I had to speak out and share my story with real rawness and honesty.

My story lifts the curtain on mental health, suicide, domestic violence, child and sexual abuse. All too often we hear about these topics through reports or statistics, but statistics rarely stir us into action the way a powerful real story can.

What is a common misconception you feel people have about suicide?

I feel the biggest misconception out there is: Talking about suicide will lead to and encourage more suicides.

There is so much stigma associated with suicide which impacts people’s ability to speak out about their suicidal thoughts. When in fact talking about suicide will not only reduce the stigma, but it will also encourage people to speak out about it, to share their story with others and to also seek help.

Discrediting this myth can open our eyes to the fragility of those who soldier on in silence when their world has been shattered. I hope this will encourage us all to support one another to create a more compassionate, respectful, and honourable society.

What is one piece of advice someone gave you that changed your life?

When I was in the middle of living through this nightmare and consumed with guilt and regret, someone shared this quote with me that completely changed my perspective and how I live my life. The quote is:

“It doesn’t matter what has happened to you, it matters what you do with what has happened to you. Life is like a poker game. You don’t get to choose the cards you are dealt, but it’s entirely up to you how to play the hand.” ― Regina Brett

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your story?

Every reader will possibly relate to a different moment in my story. There are lessons about finding the strength to seek justice, about learning to let go and accept that you cannot control everything in your life, and about realising what a mother’s unlimited love really looks like.

But if you’re looking for one universal lesson, I believe what we can all take from my book Carbon Under Pressure is this: don’t keep hiding your painful secrets. They become burdens too heavy to carry and they hold you back from living fully and freely. Breaking the silence is the bravest and most empowering thing we can do. That’s when things really begin to change.

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A mother wakes to a nightmare and is thrust into a race to save three lives.

Rose thought she had it all, then she discovered her husband’s hidden life. The revelation crushed Rose, and the breakup shattered her family. Battling through heartbreak and betrayal, she thought the worst was behind her, but nothing could prepare Rose for what came next.
In this raw and confronting story, we follow three years in Rose’s life. With a rare honesty, she reveals the painful emotions of a mother watching helplessly as her daughter battles a tormenting secret. It will push her to the edge, but just as the nightmare promises to end, Rose’s family is haunted by a new and more ominous threat. Will the intense pressure tear her apart, or can she find the strength to face her demons and save the ones she loves?
Carbon Under Pressure is based on real events. Rose’s story is shocking, riveting and unforgettable, and what happened to her could happen to anyone.

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