The Final Days of Doggerland

As the water level rises in Doggerland, the survival of several tribes is being threatened, forcing them to roam the area for a place to rebuild their homes. When Oane and the small Taifali tribe settle in a clearing, they begin the arduous task of building a village they can call home. Unfortunately for them, the piratical Bollebarg tribe led by the violent Viggo is nearby and prepared to plunder any migrant tribes that might infringe upon their territory. Despite their technological superiority, the Taifali are overwhelmed by Bollebarg numbers. After being taken captive, Oane must adjust to her new life among the Bollebarg or find the courage to flee.

Based on archaeological history, author Mike Meier’s The Final Days of Doggerland has written an excellently composed and thoroughly entertaining novel. Complete with pictures and songs, the world contained within the pages feels just as real as it would have all those years ago. Doggerland, the space connecting England with Northern Europe, and sank beneath the sea, is the setting for this engaging story. The novel is narrated by the raven Tänka who, along with his brother Sinne, reflects on the mythical ravens of Odin. Together the two infuse humor into the text through their observation of the often illogical behavior of humans. This is a welcome counterbalance to the severe struggle for survival taking place in an increasingly hostile environment.

The Final Days of Doggerland has a slow burn start as readers learn about this unique landform. However, as the storyline progresses, it ultimately proceeds at an excellent pace without needing to escalate to unrealistic proportions.

Mike Meier’s novel presents insight into a tribal society and political intrigue as Oane struggles to come to terms with her new life. Viggo’s behavior presents an increasingly problematic scenario that will have readers on edge, waiting to see how things are worked out.

Pages: 443 | ASIN : B0B5MCFTZR

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